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    Re: Why I'm heading on back to Windows

    i agree, use whats best for you. i have done the dual boot and vmware, both are good. i also use wine for some windows only apps. i do understand your reasons, if i had hardware that didn't work or i...
  2. Re: HOWTO:Nvidia AGP FastWrites and Side Band Addressing

    i found when trying this guide, i was unable to get fastwrite working. i discovered a setting in the mother board bios that was disabled for fastwrite. after enabling it i had fastwrite. if anyone...
  3. Poll: Re: What *buntu do you use? Why?

    i use ubuntu because i prefer gnome to the other options available. guess its because gnome was the first wm i ever used back when i started using linux rh 6.
  4. Thread: Gnome Dock

    by m1215

    Re: Gnome Dock

    this is a great how to. i managed to setup xcompmgr and gnome dock with a minimal amount of effort. i didnt want all the bells and whistles of compiz or beryl. also the convert png with the blank.svg...
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