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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Thunderbird can not connect

    According to , is down:

    The text on that link at the time of this posting:

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    Re: I want to know how much ink I have

    Point of information: if you want a pretty GUI app, you would need the package hplip-gui. hplip provides all the backend stuff and is a dependency of hplip-gui, but it's the gui package that I think...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: On a quest for my utopian music player - specific sorting options & metadata

    Easytag - it's in the repositories. It's a useful metadata editor. Here's a copy-paste of the easytag package description:

    EasyTAG is an utility for viewing, editing and writing the tags of...
  4. Re: SDL_init failure: window creation error.

    Welcome to the forum. I've moved this to General Help, where you will be more likely to get help than the near-abandoned backwater of "Ubuntu Application Development" that you found! If subsequent...
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    Re: Linux or Thunderbird?

    A few years ago, I used to regularly help users who got into a pickle with that particular GUI app. My main advice then: don't use it! I don't think there has ever been a GUI app for helping with...
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    Re: wired internet

    @redema19403, without BBCode code tags your terminal output lost formatting and was almost impossible to read. I have added code tags to restore formatting and merged the three posts into one.
  7. Re: ubuntu cannot connect to internet after static ip

    The OP has not logged into the forum for nearly a year.

    Back to sleep old thread. Thread closed.
  8. Re: ALFA AWUS036NHV installation problem. Compile make driver error: 2 Please check e

    Kali is not Ubuntu, and is based on Debian, not Ubuntu.

    Thread moved to the Ubuntu/Debian Based sub-forum.

    @linukhkali, you describe yourself as a "tottaly newbie" yet you have chosen a...
  9. Re: KDE Neon "change user" just breaks my session and ends up to the same user

    KDE Neon is not an official Ubuntu flavour. Thread moved to Ubuntu/Debian Based sub-forum.

    That sounds as though it could be a lock screen rather than a login screen.
  10. Re: Hi! Started using UBUNTU again after some years.

    There is nothing in your profile preventing you from starting new threads in General Help or on the New to Ubuntu sub-forums, or in most of the other sub-forums. I don't know what you mean by...
  11. [OSX_] Re: terminal logon screen changed on its own

    Thread moved to the Mac OSX sub-forum.

    @vlada981, this forum is for users of the Ubuntu family of operating systems. The sub-forums for other operating systems are really only for the convenience...
  12. Re: Software updater not working and hanging 19.10

    Forum Feedback and Help is not for general support enquiries.

    Thread moved to General Help.
  13. [kubuntu] Re: install .deb and see list of unsatisfied dependencies

    In a terminal, cd to the directory your virtualbox*.deb file is in, and:

    dpkg-deb -I virtualbox*.deb

    You will see information about the package, including a list of dependencies. If you want...
  14. Re: this reminds me why I stopped using my own printer.

    Not a technical support thread.

    Thread moved to The Cafe.
  15. Re: Choppy video playback of mobile phone video

    Not so. See this from your lshw output:

    The nouveau driver is the default open source one, not the proprietary driver.

    By the way, I have added BBCode code tags to your terminal output in...
  16. Re: Help in troubleshooting XPS 13 9370 suspend issues

    Thread moved to the Mint sub-forum

    I've added BBCode code tags where appropriate to your post. Please use code tags for terminal output and similar in order to preserve formatting. If you paste...
  17. Thread: Ignore List

    by coffeecat

    Re: Ignore List

    There is no bug. You posted the now-jailed duplicate over two hours after the original, which was moved to form the first post of this thread.

    You have been told by pm why both posts were moved. ...
  18. Re: TLP installed but does not appear (that I can see)

    I have no experience of tlp. My "proceed carefully" was inspired by thinking of something that could disable wifi or other services on system startup. Unintentionally misconfiguring command line...
  19. Re: TLP installed but does not appear (that I can see)

    From the TLP package description:

    man tlp

    Proceed carefully. Another bit of the package description:
  20. [all variants] Re: I re-installed windows 7, did I just kill my lubuntu partition?


    The Windows installer has been randomly deleting Linux logical partitions for far too long. Fortunately, it probably hasn't deleted the information in the now lost partition - just the entry in...
  21. [SOLVED] Re: Opera 65.x plays YouTube videos erratically.

    Health warning. Please do not do this:

    from :
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    [SOLVED] Re: Confused about this page

    Thread moved to Ubuntu Development Version sub-forum.
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    Re: Linux Pro Audio setup and design

    Duplicate closed. This sub-forum is for technical support. Your other post on this is in the correct place.

    Please do not post duplicates. From the Posting Guidelines:
  24. Re: Maxtor4 external drive not now recognised by windows

    This doesn't appear to be anything to do with Ubuntu, so I've moved this thread from New to Ubuntu to our Windows sub-forum.

    I believe that PVR devices often use Linux filesystems which are not...
  25. Re: Broken laptop screen and vkeyboard to Desktop monitor and usb keyboard?

    Support, not chat.

    Thread moved to General Help sub-forum.
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