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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 12.04 min & max button bar gone and can't resize icons


    login with username and password

    sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback

    sudo shutdown -r now

    when it boots back up select gnome classic from the drop down list with no...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Web based interface for Qemu/ Virsh ?

    Zentyal or landscape both offer you vm management. I prefer ssh with x forwarding using virt-manager. Also look into tomcat guacamole for web based vnc to the vms. good luck!
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    Re: How to transfer .exe to Ubuntu server

    samba is only good in network. Apache or sshfs much better much faster for windows on outside networks. Cheers mate!
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    Re: How to transfer .exe to Ubuntu server

    long story short, yes samba is a great tool for sharing files to windows users. If you would like to get around using samba, you can use ftp or if you prefer the security of ssh there is always...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Folder not opening.

    try dpkg-reconfigure wine
  6. [ubuntu] Re: How to output video+audio to a USB port ?

    That is currently not possible due to proprietary capabilities of your TV set.

    You would have to get something like this to go in between
    TV tuner

    Look to see if you have a PC connection on...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Help with Wireless conection

    The drivers are available in 12.10 in repos
    launch terminal with ctrl+alt+t then run

    rfkill list all

    if it says there is a hardware switch that has the wireless turned off then try looking for...
  8. [xubuntu] Re: Skype crashes on incoming call and other audio issues

    that should do it
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    [SOLVED] Re: LXDE VNC Server

    how about using secure shell with x forwarding?

    ssh -c -X name@host

    Make sure X is running on your client. Windows there is Xming and putty work great.

    Once you connect with ssh just launch...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: multiple servers with multiple hard drives

    I would say Highly Available KVM stack for redundancy no matter what service or virtual machine it provides. using drbl you can mirror the systems and even use the Openstack compute and nova...
  11. [lubuntu] Re: Cannot Access SAMBA Shares Off Local Network

    Looks like your campus has a firewall that you don't have access to. By default most LAN's allow all internal traffic letting you access any machine connected to the campus. They also have very...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Settingup Evolution 2 30 3

    Good job! :P
  13. [ubuntu] Re: Installing driver for ar8161 on an offline machine

    on the working machine with internet:

    wget -O-

    then copy that compat-wireless*.tar.bz2 to a usb...
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    [ubuntu] Re: H.D. driving me crazy

    1. Install the 80GB drive to Slot 0 and the 250GB to Slot 1
    2. Boot Machine into BIOS
    3. Set Boot order to CD first, 80GB drive second, 250GB drive third
    4. Insert Ubuntu Installer CD
    5. Boot to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Overheating ThinkPad X220i

    Check bios fan settings and set it to autosense


    install tpfand (thinkpad fan daemon)& tpfan-admin is a great GUI tool

    sudo apt-get install tpfand tpfan-admin

    Also don't forget...
  16. [all variants] Re: Anyone using ThinkPad Fan Control ('tpfan-admin') on a ThinkPad laptop?

    What software package is that gui?
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Another guy with a fan speed/noise problem

    Try re-applying thermal compound and make sure your bios allows fan control. You could always install a fan controller just make sure you have good compound like arctic silver. If its a laptop some...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: Strange boot behavior on HP Mini-210 (12.04)

    Change I/O scheduler to noop and make sure your fstab is correct
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    [ubuntu] Re: ssh -X errors

    sudo rm -R /tmp/*


    sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a

    restart openssh or reboot remote server.

    also clear temp on client running ssh-X and added compression never hurts (ssh -c -X user@host)
  20. [ubuntu] Re: firefox unusable small window size, can't resize

    try dpkg-reconfigure firefox

    also make sure compiz or gnome-settings-daemon is not running in the background and maybe consider chromium which does much better in minimal x environments. Also...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Suspend and hibernation doesn't work

    What does your /etc/default/grub file have for acpi? Make sure it wasn't installed with the noacpi or acpi=off variables.

    Also what is the make and model of the PC. A lot of different...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: firefox crashes everytime i right click.

    What version of Ubuntu are you running and can you post a report of lspci?
    (You can also enable source code downloads in the software sources list but I don't think its firefox related. It seems...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Issues after installing 12.10 on an Acer machine

    ok the black screen is either grub displaying on the onboard card(if it has one) or it just can't recognize the monitor. Add vga=771 to boot options
  24. [ubuntu] Re: GRUB menu doesn´t appear, boots straight to Windows 7

    Sounds like grub failed to install. Launch into installer and preform a expert install. you should have grub install as an option. Cheers!
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    [ubuntu] Re: NX Client can't see launcher icons etc

    NX has lots of bugs. Try switching to vnc the localhost through a compressed ssh tunnel. In windows there is Remote Desktop Manager that would be a solution...
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