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  1. Re: Suggestions: lightweight distros with native SMBv1?

    If you are only using Linux machines, then rather use NFS. It is much simpler than SMB. (Windows also has NFS drivers for free download from MS).
  2. Re: Help? 14.04 freezes/unfreezes every 5 secs after snapd install

    Well, you are running Linux. There is no need to wonder what is going on. You don't have to stumble around in the dark in a coal mine. You can see every process and exactly how much memory/CPU...
  3. Re: Is possible disable logrotate or all logging ?

    Note that logrotate isn't the problem - it doesn' create the logs, it just manages and compresses them. So if anything, logrotate can save the day by reducing the log size. The problem is whatever...
  4. Re: Is possible disable logrotate or all logging ?

    You can read all about it here
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Help! - Rescue my linux box before I wipe it / networking

    Try something like this first:
    Boot with install media, mount the root partition (just click on it with the file explorer). Find the VPN config file with the file explorer. Open a terminal and...
  6. Re: Login Loop-Possibly due to Root Partition Full

    Boot with install media, then look at the disks to see what is going on. You can delete everything in /var/log recursively to make space to maneuver - important log files will be recreated...
  7. [lubuntu] Re: Lubuntu: no network after upgrading to 18.04

    You can probably ditch the machine and pick up a better one for $50 at your city landfill.
  8. [SOLVED] Re: High GPU usage when playing video (mplayer, VLC, etc)

    It means that ffmpeg/gstreamer doesn't recognize the graphical processor and therefore uses emulation on the CPU. You may need to reinstall/recompile the video device driver, ffmpeg and gstreamer. ...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: How do I get access to the Parallel port input and using bash scripts?

    You have a machine with a parallel printer port that still works???

    Anyhoo, see this for a more modern solution to pin I/O. It may also give you some clues on how to do what you want:...
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    Re: PC shuts down randomly and then restarts

    Random restarts are almost always due to bad power quality. One major advantage of a laptop computer is that it has a built-in uninterruptable power supply.
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu backup tool cost me all my bookmarks and history

    The lsof command show which files are open by which processes, then you can kill the offending process.
  12. [SOLVED] Re: Seek text editor that can autotype specific text

    This works with anything:
    $ sudo apt install autokey

    Note that this utility works with X, so it will work on Xubuntu and Lubuntu,...
  13. [SOLVED] Re: I completely lost my partition and I'm not sure what happened

    Cloning the whole kit and kaboodle is basically a Windows thing, where it is difficult to reinstall the system from scratch due to numerous licensing and registration hassles.

    With Linux, just...
  14. [SOLVED] Re: Seek text editor that can autotype specific text

    There are also generic solutions. For example Autotype, which works with anything.
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Troubleshooting periods of intense resource usage and crashes

    Look in the crontabs to see what is scheduled for 2 am. Look in the system logs around that time. Disable cron and see if the problem goes away, etc.

    It probably doesn't crash. If something...
  16. Re: Ubuntu will not boot after latest update:

    Hi Fred,

    Before faffing with partitions and boot, first backup your data!

    You can do that with an install CD / USB widget.
    Once booted up, mount (just a clicketyclick with the file manager)...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Is Samba read/write rate performance on Ubuntu 20.04 capped at around 11MB/s?

    Note that ordinary FTP is also much faster. FTP is natively supported by Windows file managers also. The user level security is bad, but so is that of SMB.
  18. [SOLVED] Re: [18.04.5] right-click command clear all meta tags from all mp3s in curr dir

    In Bash, recursion over a bunch of files is handled with the "find exec" command. With find, it is a one liner to process many files.
  19. [all variants] Re: Variable inside Bash Script - Not getting used (variable name used instead)

    Beware of unbalanced quotes.
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Is Samba read/write rate performance on Ubuntu 20.04 capped at around 11MB/s?

    The performance is not capped. SMB is just a very inefficient and chatty protocol. SFTP will be even worse, since is also has to encrypt and decrypt the data. Run tcpdump or wireshark to see what...
  21. [all variants] Re: Variable inside Bash Script - Not getting used (variable name used instead)

    Look into the use of the export keyword for variables.
  22. Re: Help with ssh error "Unable to connect to X server" xrdp not working

    You are connecting from Windows to Ubuntu Linux? Do you have an an X server running on Windows? Do you have an X server (not Wayland) on Linux?

    "XFCE or LXQt." - As alluded to above, these use...
  23. Re: Local messagebox-system instead of email?

    So set up a Retroshare system.
  24. [SOLVED] Re: Accidently lost /home during resizing process

    The install disk is necessarily a fresh boot. Before doing anything to the file system of /home again, first make a backup of your data. After that you can play with the disk utilities and if you...
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    [all variants] Re: Firefox and trackers

    The Truly Paranoid use OpenBSD. So before getting bothered with browser security, you should fix the OS first.
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