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  1. Re: Help? 14.04 freezes/unfreezes every 5 secs after snapd install

    You need to run supported software for any real help here. 14.04 went EOL 2 years ago. That was when you "needed" to upgrade.
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    [Other Ubuntu/Debian based] Re: User login in LTSP Servert

    I think you misunderstand how LTSP users work. It imports the /etc/{passwd|group|shadow} from the host. So you don't create users in the image rather you use users that exist on the server. Even if...
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    [Other Ubuntu/Debian based] Re: User login in LTSP Servert

    Post your /etc/ltsp/ltsp.conf

    I had trouble with the default sshfs for /home/"$USER". Switching to nfs for /home solved my issues. I never checked if that was resolved as I stopped using LTSP...
  4. Re: Cronjob not honoring time range

    You are setting it to include every 10 mins for 9pm as well. This would be the way to do it.

    */10 06-20 * * * /script

    The last run will be at 8:50 pm if I'm understanding your question...
  5. Re: Avoiding snap with Ubuntu 16.04 ESM sudo ua attach?

    No you are not. You are simply being pushed in the direction the distro wants to go. It is not a sinister plot. Things change and we change with them or we move on to one that doesn't. There is a...
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    Re: GRSync question

    (G)rsync is just a tool. It is not a backup tool specifically. That being said the option likely maintains permissions such that you can restore easily enough. Problem with gui though is they aren't...
  7. [xubuntu] Re: Increasing KVM network interface to 1Gbps

    Is this an upgrade from 16.04 or previous? If so then that is likely the issue. The upgrade to 18.04 didn't automatically switch to netplan. It's something you needed to do manually. You may still be...
  8. Re: Trying to fully switch to Linux, need info please!

    I tried to do away with Windows a number of years ago. Did well for awhile. At the end though I accepted that one needs the proper tool for the job. Can everything you want realistically be done on...
  9. [xubuntu] Re: Increasing KVM network interface to 1Gbps


    This is what I use on my desktop which is Ubuntu 20.04 desktop with pci pass through for a windows kvm virtual machine that I do my games on.

    version: 2
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Is Samba read/write rate performance on Ubuntu 20.04 capped at around 11MB/s?

    I know people love to do custom configs and stuff and I'm sure they do make a difference. I find minimal changes to stock unless absolutely necessary. That being said have you tried an unmodified as...
  11. Re: Raspberry Pi as a Router that just won't work

    I think you need to have the dhcp server broadcast it's own ip as the router, It's handing out dhcp but not telling anything where the gateway is. I use dnsmasq as it's vastly simpler...
  12. [SOLVED] Re: Static route failing to connect.

    I need to comment it better. The idea is that it automatically configures a linux gateway on boot. It's custom to me as I need 2 wan connections at home. The internet here is mediocre at best. This...
  13. [SOLVED] Re: Static route failing to connect.

    I'd be lying if I said I fully understood most of what I've come up with. I've pieced my script together from googling for the last couple days and a metric crapton of trial and error in virtualbox....
  14. [SOLVED] Static route failing to connect.

    Almost have my Debian based router working flawlessly. Found an issue and sorted it so I'm...
  15. Re: Wake on Lan is not working - Dell studio 1537

    For a couple of my machines that I was doing WoL with they had 2 or 3 settings all in different places in the efi / bios that had to be changed. It wasn't just one and done. Annoyed me for awhile...
  16. Re: most simple way to restart NetworkManager

    Good point. I have had this problem a few times.

    I've used single spaces without a problem thus far. Anything else has always failed for me.
  17. Re: Ubuntu unusable due to too small a partition

    I know for awhile laptop hard drives were an easy swap. I'm not sure about newer models though. The thinner they get the less room for a traditional 2.5 drive. As such I would fear that they may be...
  18. [xubuntu] Re: Screensaver is disabled but still activates

    Xubuntu has a minor issue of having multiple screensaver / power management things and some the gui isn't available. I'm not sure if the gnome-screensaver is actually active. The only way I found to...
  19. Re: most simple way to restart NetworkManager

    Give it a static ip assignment at the router? This way you can keep the laptop on dhcp for mobility but at home or whatever it will always get whatever ip you set? I used to avoid doing that, now I...
  20. Re: most simple way to restart NetworkManager

  21. [SOLVED] Re: adding RAM while in hibernated state

    Not a dumb question. I remember years ago my brother got a video card. The instructions were to put in while the system was live. It worked. But I have no doubt there is a reason that no one does...
  22. [SOLVED] Re: I want to use an XBOX controller with a dual boot linux/windows machine

    Its all about how hard it is to map keys. If you can map the. The. The sky is the limit.
  23. Re: MythTV backed fails to start "No setting found for this machine's BackendServerIP

    Double check permissions of the mythtv folder. If this is a single host unless you've moved it it should be in /var/lib/mythtv i believe. Find it before running a command on that directory first...
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    Re: In-Development Indie MMORPGs

    I intend to look some of these up. I started with Everquest, then moved to WoW. Tried most of the big ones, always something lacking. Loved WoW for years but lately it's turned into a mostly solo...
  25. Re: Are you using a Microwave oven ? What recipes do you cook using your microwave?

    I have one in the house, it was built into the cabinets above the stove when I moved in. In my previous place I also had one. I don't cook much of anything in it. It's mostly just an overpriced clock...
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