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  1. [all variants] Re: Script to tune mdadm raid5 (others too, maybe)

    Sorry everyone! The modifications I made to the script read the device names from the mdadm tool, so I'm not too sure why it would read bad device names for some of you. I'd be interested in seeing...
  2. [all variants] Re: Script to tune mdadm raid5 (others too, maybe)

    I rewrote the script a bit to be more consistent, and use one source of data (mdadm). Currently, if you operate against a RAID10 array, you will get an error when the script attempts to modify the...
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    [ubuntu] Evolution and Exchange in 10.10

    I upgraded my desktop to Ubuntu 10.10 (maverick), and noticed that likewise-open was broken. I created a local user, moved my home directory, changed permissions on my old home folder, and moved on....
  4. Re: Yahoo log in problem in pidgin (Ubuntu Distribution)????

    Thank you for your tip. Job well done.

    As for Yahoo!, my response to the two latest issues of them making their protocol incompatible has been even simpler. I have stopped using Yahoo! Messenger,...
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    Hardy freezing while running KVM

    I am trying to build a new Windows VM on my Hardy box using KVM/QEMU instead of the VMWare one I have now. However, when I use the virt-manager GUI, I get an error when attempting to enable full...
  6. Re: 2.6.24 Zen Ubuntu Kernel - Faster, Stable, More Hardware Support

    Cross compiling is, to put it lightly, a real pain. It's not impossible, and for a great example of how to do it, I would suggest you take a peek at the Buildroot project linked to from the uClibc...
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    Re: Reasons for Ubuntu's relatively slow speed

    There doesn't seem to be any followup on this. Here's my $0.02 USD.

    Without hard data- oprofile data, times, etc.- it is impossible to know what "slow" or "fast" mean. You can say that with faster...
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    Another mirror

    Hey...weird...I don;t know if anybody else noticed, but I had the hardest time resolving a couple days ago. Odd. :-)

    Anyway, I just renewed my account for my domain, etc. with...
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