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  1. Re: change login without password to login with password.

    Eish... that sounds to me like a relatively easily exploitable feature.
  2. Re: Is clone operation blocked ? 10 hours on "Saving OS info from the device"

    It would indeed be much faster to prepare a file system with the diskutility and then copying the data over with rsync.
  3. [ubuntu] Re: smb file explorer vs. terminal contents

    Dolphin runs as the logged in user, while you mentioned you created the new directory as root.
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    Re: rsync not copying everything

    There are multiple underlying file system issues that can prevent copying. Rsync can only copy that which it has been granted access to. Even when running as root, SELinux or AppArmor can still...
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    [SOLVED] Re: need monitor config info

    Rather set the external monitor to clone the laptop screen, then plug in a keyboard also and set the laptop power settings so that it will NOT sleep when the lid is closed.
  6. Re: Trouble getting logs to autorotate with logrotate

    /usr/bin/killall -HUP yourappthatwritesthelog

    See this:
  7. Re: Large transfers over the Internet stalling.

    Different simptoms of the same problem - lost packets, causing rsync to get confused.
  8. Re: Large transfers over the Internet stalling.

    It looks like packets are getting dropped somewhere along the line.

    You need to devise a script that will watch rsync and if necessary, kill it and restart it.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Everything Slows Down When Typing

    Maybe the NSA key logger infrastructure is a bit overloaded?
  10. Re: Large transfers over the Internet stalling.

    The programs ifconfig or ip can show you whether there are packet errors (bad HW).
  11. Re: Large transfers over the Internet stalling.

    Rsync has a bandwidth parameter. Slowing it down a bit can prevent complete stalls in my experience.

    Also check your equipment ethernet ports for packet errors indicative of hardware failures or...
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    Re: Securing Computer Lab

    Just delete and recreate the user, that will copy the /etc/skel files back.
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    Re: Securing Computer Lab

    The least hassle would be to enable the Guest Account.

    The guest account works like a kiosk and gets overwritten on each login.
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    [xubuntu] Re: read-only file system usb flash drive

    It may be time to backup your backups...
  15. [SOLVED] Re: wisdom question: mount and umount backup devices??

    I use a simple trick to confirm that a disk is mounted:
    When I make a mount point directory, I create a file there called something like 'not-mounted'.
    When the disk is mounted, the above file...
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    Re: Downloading and Building source

    Note that as in my guide linked above, rather make a virtual machine and work in that, then once it is working, turn automatic updates off. In that way you are making the system hardware and...
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    Re: Downloading and Building source

    You could look at this:

    Specifically "Install The GCC Compiler"

    Once the compile evironment is OK, just make the...
  18. Re: How to solve getting repeatedly “hacked” on basic 18.04 VPS setup

    Well, first of all, configure a network packet filter and only allow connections that are strictly required.
  19. [other] Re: Why does ubuntu 20.04 reboots randomly??

    Look at the system logs - there may be a clue in there.
  20. [server] Re: File Sharing - nfs-kernel-server - Service Won't Start

    So what does 'journalctl -xe' say?
  21. [server] Re: File Sharing - nfs-kernel-server - Service Won't Start

    Usually, the issue is that the network is still down when nfsd tries to start. If you can start it manually when the system is up and running, that kind of proves it and then you could move the nfsd...
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    Re: Email software reccomendation

    There is procmail.

    With that one, you can make a rule to send you an email when you get an email...
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    [SOLVED] Re: increasing audio distortion

    To determine whether it is HW or SW, boot from install media and play something.
  24. Re: Hello! Swap partition turning it self off

    Everything you never wanted to know about swap, is described in man swapon. It is a very good man page and is well worth a read.
  25. Re: Rsync: why different number of files in destination vs. source?

    You could use ls to make a list of each directory, then compare the two lists with diff. Then you will know exactly what is different.
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