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  1. [ubuntu] Re: SSH / X gone crazy: X11 connection uses different authentication protocol.

    This was my problem too. Really hard to diagnose.

    Basically because gedit was open on the host computer, I couldn't open it locally via X11 tunneling. Does anyone know of any other programs that...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Enable Wireless grayed out after resume from suspect with BCM4312

    As a follow up, the script above, posted by opasnost worked for me, so thanks for that! There are a few small caveats, and some extra notes I'd like to leave.

    The first thing I'd like to note is...
  3. [ubuntu] Panel Application Launcher fails to Launch Application in Ubuntu 10.04

    So I put a launcher for an application (matlab) on my panel, but when I click it, it begins to launch matlab, showing a start up window, but then about when the main application would start up, the...
  4. [ubuntu] Enable Wireless grayed out after resume from suspect with BCM4312

    I recently installed 10.10 Maverick on a lenovo S12, and I've been having problems with the wireless connection. First I installed the Broadcom B43 driver. This driver seems to work well except upon...
  5. [ubuntu] Lost the default logout shutdown panel icons

    Hi, this seems like it shouldn't be too hard, but I lost the default shutdown icons that come in 10.10, and I'd like them back, but there doesn't seem to be the right option in the "add to panel"...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Installing 10.04 on Dell Optiplex 760

    So, I fixed it. :o

    For anyone else who runs into this sort of problem, here's how I did it. I foreshadowed it a bit in my previous post when I said something about acpi.

    If you didn't manage...
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    [SOLVED] Installing 10.04 on Dell Optiplex 760

    As stated, I'm trying to install Ubuntu 10.04 onto a Dell Optiplex 760 wit a Nvidia Geforce9300 GE card. I believe this card came with the computer, and from what I can tell this computer is...
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