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  1. [ubuntu] Re: freezes after start up since 11.04 upgrade

    I was able to find the grub menu and boot to recovery mode, I selected run in failsafe graphics mode and it froze again. It runs fine if I choose an older version, but the wifi isn't recognized.
  2. [ubuntu] freezes after start up since 11.04 upgrade

    My laptop always freezes either at the login screen or shortly after. Their is no grub menu when loading up to choose recovery mode or previous install. What can I do?
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    Re: moblock.log couldn't be found

    Thanks looks like that did the trick, not sure what went wrong with my first install but clearly I hadn't uninstalled thoroughly enough.
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    moblock.log couldn't be found

    I recently installed moblock on Jaunty, following the instructions on I used aptitude and installed moblock blockcontrol and mobloquer. Everything seemed ok...
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