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    [ubuntu] No wifi zbox-id19-u

    i loaded wicd and neither that nor the network manager can find my wifi on this box. can some one point me in the right direction on how to fix this?As per the PC's readme file it shows that it has a...
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    [ubuntu] Convert .raw files to .iso

    Hey guys,

    I downloaded a .raw file for a ubuntu distro, but i can not seem to get it to burn to a cd. I read somewhere you have to make it a ISO. But how do you do that?
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    [ubuntu] Ubuntu 12.04LTS ubiquity failed

    When I tried to install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

    I got this error
    /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-package/LanguageSelect/ UserWarning: Failed to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How do you install ubuntu mini remix?

    I am trying to do a barebones for a netbook install, but I do not see the text based installer on here. do you know where it is located?
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    [ubuntu] How do you install ubuntu mini remix?

    hey guys I am trying to just install a barebones Ubuntu OS is there a way to do this? I know you can boot to it as a livecd but how can you take it from a livecd to a installed OS? any tutorials or...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Creating Ubuntu Installer

    thanks i will give that a look see :-D
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    [ubuntu] Creating Ubuntu Installer

    Hey guys,

    I am unsure where this thread should go but here is my problem.

    Ii created a custom ubuntu distro with Ubuntu Builder.

    My problem is everytime I create a ISO of the distro...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Trying to upgrade from 11.04 to 12.04 LTS

    So this command worked
    sudo dpkg --set-selections < packages.txt

    This one is not working.
    sudo apt-get -f install

    I get the following error
    # sudo apt-get -f install
    Reading package...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Trying to upgrade from 11.04 to 12.04 LTS

    that is far better than nothing!!! thanks :-D
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Trying to upgrade from 11.04 to 12.04 LTS

    is there a way to backup all of my packages so i can just do a fresh install the have ubuntu auto download all the packages
  11. [ubuntu] Trying to upgrade from 11.04 to 12.04 LTS

    so I am running the server edition of 11.04 on a test machine I have and I noticed I am on a out of date version of Ubuntu. I wanted to upgrade from 11.04 to 12.04 LTS but every time i try via...
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    [ubuntu] Audio no louder than a whisper

    hey guys,

    If you have been following my posts I am running into all sorts of odd issues with Ubuntu on my most resent laptop. Anyway the latest thing to add to the pile is that the audio is no...
  13. [ubuntu] booting into GUI can not autorun apps

    Hey guys I have been using Ubuntu for years but I have never built my own custom Ubuntu. So I am giving that a shot now. So far I have gotten the OS to boot up, I loaded Slim as my Login manager.
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    [ubuntu] Re: booting into GUI from command line

    lol! yah that would help. I am loading one now. Man you really do take for granted how much works goes into a distro till you load a basic build and notice what is missing.
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    [ubuntu] booting into GUI from command line

    hey guys I am running a minimal Ubuntu distro. I loaded iceWM and the stuff by doing this.

    sudo apt-get install x-window-system-core

    then did

    sudo apt-get install icewm iceconf...
  16. [ubuntu] Auto open browser when network connection is found

    So I have my parents on Ubuntu, but they "Firefox" to open if they have a active internet connection. I know there is a "ifup " function in ubuntu but I am not sure how to do this. What I would like...
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    Re: HOWTO: Linux Hulu Desktop integration

    my issue is that it stuck on loading.. its quite odd because i gave it the location of the flash file but it still says loading.
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    [ubuntu] Re: hard drive slow to respond

    i am using some nvidia card with the nvidia drivers nothing special or tweeked
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    [ubuntu] hard drive slow to respond

    Hey guys I just loaded Ubuntu 10.04 and my secondary hard drive is ultra slow to respond now. For example every time i click on a folder it takes 2 minutes for it to refresh and show me the content...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Loaded Ubuntu 10.04 and having issues with flash

    dude that fixed it youtube but hulu doesnt work... argh!!!
  21. [ubuntu] Loaded Ubuntu 10.04 and having issues with flash

    So I have tried some of the things I saw on the the forum already like removing flash and reinstalling it. I also loaded flash-aid on firefox, google chrome, and ran the following command sudo...
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    i been on Ubuntu since 8.04 the only windows machine I have is the box I have for work. I even bought a netbook and loaded Ubuntu 9.04 on it as a duel boot because my wife uses the windows peice :-D
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Hard Drive shows how much space is free but does not show content

    I tried several times to recover the data per the tutorials i found on this site and on youtube and now instead of the hard drive being 1.5tb and showing only 600gb free (even though no files are...
  24. [ubuntu] Hard Drive shows how much space is free but does not show content

    Ok here is the deal I have a 1.5TB ext3 linux hard drive yesterday out of no where when i clicked on a folder it did not show the contents of the folder anymore. I then rebooted and my OS will not...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to set up a home server? <- this site is great on showing you how to install the applications but as far as a step by step on how to create a server sorry thats all i got :D
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