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  1. Re: Chrome and Chromium cause complete system freeze

    The only extension I have added is Adblock Plus 1.7.4. Did you find out which extension it was?
  2. Chrome and Chromium cause complete system freeze

    I am running 12.04 64bit with the 3.2.0-58-generic kernel on an Asus K56CA laptop. The freezes have been occurring randomly since the laptop was purchased new. Both Chrome and Chromium cause a...
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    Re: Zoom R16 WORKING at last!

    Oh man this is so exciting! I have been dying to use my R16 with linux since I purchased it a few years ago as a Macbook Pro/Logic user. I even built a powerful hackintosh recently for the sole...
  4. Alternative to ClicktoPlugin for Ubuntu?

    There is a great plugin for Safari I use on my Mac that not only prevents flash from automatically loading, but it also allows you to instantly convert any Flash video stream into HTML5. Even better,...
  5. Looking for Quicktime X and Quicktime 7 Pro alternatives

    As a long-time Mac OS X user I have found it hard to live without the borderless Quicktime X for watching videos and the advanced live pitch-shifting and time-stretching capabilities of Quicktime Pro...
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    [ubuntu] Re: cannon pixma mx432 scanner help

    Also remember that it the "scangearmp" executable will not show up in the Unity dash by default so you must run it from the command line as "scangearmp" or double click the icon from within the...
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    [xubuntu] Re: Dreaded login loop

    I was having the same problem but I just fixed it. I was able to use GNOME and Lubuntu on 10.04but could not get into Xubuntu with the login loop issue. However I was able to use Xubuntu when I first...
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    [gnome] Re: Ubuntu GNOME window manager problems

    UPDATE: Fail-safe GNOME seems to bring back the original functionality. Unfortunately Xubuntu does not work still.
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    [gnome] Ubuntu GNOME window manager problems

    So I'm using a more or less fresh install of 10.04 and since I've played around with different window managers I haven't been able to figure out how to set things back to their default value....
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    [all variants] SSH/Virtualbox Network Installation

    Okay so this is going to sound crazy, because it is. I have an old Pentium 4 Dell PC and a MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard. What I'm trying to do is run the Ubuntu 10.04 ISO in Virtualbox and then SSH...
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