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    [SOLVED] Re: 10.10 xfce4-terminal TERM not set

    A new vte package has fixed this bug
    resolved for me by running apt-get update and restarting the term
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    [ubuntu] Re: TERM environment variable not set.

    I'm also having the exact same problem in xfce terminal. Was working in 10.04 now it doesn't in 10.10

    I wonder what changed?
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    [SOLVED] 10.10 xfce4-terminal TERM not set

    I just upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10 and when trying to run top in a xfce4-term I got the following error

    TERM environment variable needs set.

    Gnome-terminal is not affected.

    Have not found...
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    Re: Gaming and Recognition

    History lesson. There was a company porting games to Linux called Loki. They went broke, not because the Linux market was too small but rather someone stuffed up their financials (No it wasn't...
  5. Re: HOWTO: Play Master of Orion (Original DOS in DOSBox) as the Darloks

    As an evil Psilon player I think your guide is great in how to play the seemingly impossible Darlok race. Maybe one day when I have some spare time I will take up the challenge and use your guide to...
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    Re: La Vida- The Sims For Linux

    As a programmer I have this to say. Read this article for making your goals SMART.

    Most games developed in the commercial world are based on a thing called a design document. This is normally a...
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    Re: Afterfall - post apocalyptic game

    As long as they don't trade in morphine we should right? right?
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    Re: game idea

    For game design I use an artists sketch book. That way I can draw screens and scribble and stuff. Some people do use more professional tools like paint programs and a word-processor.

    As for the...
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    Re: Bit of an odd request

    If the files are stored on a Windows machine and shared then they can be accessed using the samba-client. I don't remember how it works or know how the latest versions work because samba is a stupid...
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    Re: game idea

    How does the player manipulate the game world? Is it like Simcity where you apply zoning and build special buildings or can you directly tell your simulated people what to do? How does the player...
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    Poll: Re: the DOSbox

    DOSbox is in the repositories and is the best DOS emulator out there. It is even better than a real machine due to the way it handles memory. However there are some games that it won't play like...
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    Re: Coffee Break Games?

    Stones of the Gods it is similar to Gweled but is different in the way you move the "blocks" around. In Gweled you can move horizontally or vertically. In Stones you turn a Quad (four blocks)...
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    Re: loki's quake2

    Quake (any version) can be divided into two main parts
    A) the data files
    B) the engine that plays the game

    since the engine is under the GPL many people have made improved engines. If you have...
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    Re: Casual Games

    Basically look through most of the Gnome and KDE games. The ones that installed with the Gnome or KDE systems. Packages are called kdegames and if you have Ubuntu installed then you already have all...
  15. Re: Prize tourney for Alien Arena, plus new media!

    Shouldn't that read the humane society? I would compete but I would probably be thoroughly thrashed. Plus I live in Australia so the time difference is a pain, and would conflict with my work.
  16. Re: Problem with Vega Strike - mouse and keyboard not working

    I found that when I jumped in the ship a large dialog box obscures the viewport. I could still pilot the ship but could not see anything, in the end I had to kill my X server since vegastrike had...
  17. Re: all games start fullscreen then windowed?!

    I got rid of Compiz all together because of this problem. However I could not just turn the effects off. I had to change my ~/.gnomerc file from

    export WINDOW_MANAGER=/usr/bin/compiz

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    Re: What would *you* ask Mark Shuttleworth?

    Questions I would ask:

    What are you doing about the integration of tools to enable Agile development across the world? IRC is good for some real time communication but there are no tools to...
  19. Re: How important do you think gaming is to Ubuntu's success?

    Unfortunately you have part of the scenario backwards. In order to make an original game you need to hone your skills by making a clone first. Very few developers have the skill to make their first...
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    Re: 640x480 Resolution Problem

    Silly question but what is the resolution of your monitor? If you have a wide screen monitor then 640x480 is a 4:3 ratio resolution and cannot scale to wide screens without banding. This is similar...
  21. Re: Planet Penguin impossible to advance

    Beat it :guitar:

    hint press the up arrow to go faster. Also you need to collect all the herring.
  22. Re: Best Budget Graphic Cards for this machine?

    Good point. I didn't know that but then I have to upgrade half my computer just so I can use PCI Express so I am not currently looking for a graphics card, unless someone is willing to place a few...
  23. Re: Best Budget Graphic Cards for this machine?

    Here is what I would do. (Note I would choose Nvidia because of drivers)

    First I would write down two figures, how much I would expect to pay and then a higher figure for what I possibly could...
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    Re: Blizzard advertising for Linux job!

    +1 True. I did not know he was ex Loki however but I did see one of his posts to one of the developer lists I subscribe to.

    I should note: Don't seek this guy out and pester him, he is just a...
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    Re: Blizzard advertising for Linux job!

    No that ad is for a server administrator not a programmer.
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