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    [ubuntu] Re: rc.local doesnt run at boot start up

    Hallo. I had same problems with the rc.local not running. After the MANY good advises i found here, i was digging deeper and deeper and found the solution. It WAS concurrency!!!!

    At some time i...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Suspend/Resume doesn't ask for Password (sometimes)

    Make sure that the proces "gnome-screensaver" is running. You can find it in menu->system->preference->startup applications->"gnome-screensaver".
    I know, it says screensaver, but it also controls...
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    [ubuntu] Re: SOLVED Headphone & Speaker Issue SOLVED

    I also had similar problems with sound on both or nothing at all. I tryed different methods and nothing worked. Then i found a update script for the alsa driver. It solved all my problems :0)
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