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  1. [ubuntu] Re: 12.04 - low screen resolution after monitor is off

    Problem approximately the same, but more randomly for me, sometime when screen go sleep, or due to certain inactivity.
    When using wine sometime changing resolution to.
    And to regain the good...
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    Re: Special HomeCinema config ..

    Thanks for the answers :)
    My first goal using Mythbuntu is to have a all-in-one media box, 24/7 powered because using it like a normal computer (from my couch )+ download + video/audio player, and...
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    Special HomeCinema config ..

    Hello !
    My first message around here and a kind of newbie question :biggrin:

    Sorry for my english as i'm french, but i'll try to do my best to be understood.

    I'm a linux user since 1999, and...
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