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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Acer Aspire One 725 Elantech Touchpad not working

    This didn't seem to fix the problem for me (Aspire One 722, problem just started a fe ow days ago....). How do I back this hack out? That is how do I revert to the Elantech stuff?

    BTW, touchpad...
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    [SOLVED] Re: "recently used" folder

    i'm not sure what a 'panel' is or what the 'Places' plug-in is or where i'd find it. in short tho, i'd like for 'recently used' to show up as an option in Nautilus. are we talking about the same...
  3. [SOLVED] how to run Nano editor from Nautilus file viewer

    Well, the 'standard' Ubuntu text editor gEdit has a bug that prevents it from opening some (many?) files and, IMHO, gEdit has gotten too complex for its own good anyway. However, there is a simple...
  4. [SOLVED] Re: 12.04 Acer 0722 Atheros AR9485 (9485) - poor wireless performance

    Um, never mind about the positive boot order comment in the original post. For whatever reason, the problem with freezing on boot returned the next day and it seems that moving the network boot to...
  5. [SOLVED] 12.04 Acer 0722 Atheros AR9485 (9485) - poor wireless performance

    As, it would seem with others, my fresh install of 12.04 to an Acer Axpire One (0722) had very spotty wireless performance (slow at its best, often not working at all). Reading the forums, many fixes...
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    Re: Atheros AR9285 Ubuntu 11.10 problem

    will just mention that this same fix has worked wonderfully for me on 12.04 with Acer Aspire 1 722. with an AR9485 adapter.
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    Re: Atheros AR9285 Ubuntu 11.10 problem

    I have an Acer Aspire1 0722 with an AR9485 network adapter and, with this fix, I now have a fast and stable network connection. More at:
  8. [all variants] Re: Wi-fi locks Asus Aspire 722 w Atheros AR8485 wi-fi

    First off, does this thread have the wrong title?? Its tagged with 9485, but the title is "AR8485" (that is 8 instead of 9). Is there an AR8485? In any case I have and 9485 simply turning off the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can I run 10.04 on my Dell mini 12?

    Of everything that I've read over the past 2+ years on the Mini 12 Ubuntu upgrade issue, this is by far the clearest statement. THX!!

    Tho the quote a bit further down in the thread "reinstalling...
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    [all variants] Re: Guide to Get the Best Performace from the GMA 500

    wow, wow and wow - unbelievable how this problem continues and fantastic to see recent the work that y'all are putting into it. if i understand the thread it seems that Lucid will be a path forward...
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    [ubuntu] Re: upgrade and keep all my customization??

    i'm getting more comfortable with the idea of moving forward by going with a fresh install of Karmic and then copying my home directory over it. indeed i get the following clear advice in a private...
  12. [gnome] Re: Nautilus "search for files" doesn't show path

    at least with Hardy, the gnome-search-tool is found in the Places menu as Search for Files. so what you suggest is redundant.

    in any case the gnome-search-tool also has many short falls. for...
  13. [gnome] Re: Nautilus "search for files" doesn't show path

    On Hardy (and I assume thereafter?) the open containing folder option seems to be in the base install.

    I agree with you that showing the path of the found files in the file browser search is a...
  14. [ubuntu] Re: File Browser search hidden files/folders (8.10)

    Thanks for this pointer! At least better than nothing...

    Too bad no solutions on this, I agree with y'all that it would be a desirable feature. I've just started learning about Nautilus scripts,...
  15. [SOLVED] Re: ubuntuzilla fails to update to firefox 3.5.6

    thanks! the chown did the trick and ubutuzilla installed 3.5.6 with no add'l issues. appreciate the hand holding on this!
  16. [SOLVED] ubuntuzilla fails to update to firefox 3.5.6

    tried a manual run of ubuntuzilla to upgrade from from firefox 3.5.3 to the current latest version 3.5.6. seems to be two problems (see attached terminal log). first is that while i'm running firefox...
  17. Re: New Ubuntuzilla apt repository. Ubuntuzilla users, update your sources.list!

    the repository method doesn't work for me (Hardy) some sort of lpia conflict or lack of support for....

    working off of the instructions in...
  18. [SOLVED] Re: "Google Gears is not compatible (Linux_x86-gcc3)"

    first off, wanted to document that the link above is broken. there appears to be a download at that i got to from

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    [ubuntu] Re: upgrade and keep all my customization??

    thx for the quick replies.

    locate is not an command on my ubutnu, but i find 'locate' in syntapics (not installed) described as

    "maintain and query an index of a directory tree
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    [ubuntu] Re: upgrade and keep all my customization??

    my hard drive seems to be a single partition. i'm gathering from reading other threads and from your question that this is not the best setup. so, implying that it would be better to have /home in a...
  21. Re: Search for Thread with Numbers (e.g. Sunbird 0.7)

    would appreciate someone answering this thread.. the original post puts the question clearly enough. but nearly two years later and no response?

    in my case, i want to search for threads that talk...
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    [ubuntu] upgrade and keep all my customization??

    well, this should be a simple question with a simple answer, but after mucho research guess that is not the case.

    as most do, i have not only changed from the default (in my case netbook remix)...
  23. Re: HOWTO Reinstall all of your current packages if you do a fresh Ubuntu install

    yes, a good thread with most content well written and understandable. but don't think that this addresses the full range of concerns for those of us who want to re-install or update a customized and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Installing on the Dell Mini 12

    i've since answered a few of my own questions so thought to post the answers here.

    despite posts elsewhere that FF should not be upgraded without a corresponding OS upgrade, the good folks at...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Unable to mount location : No media in the drive (for both USB Flash Card & DVDR

    um, best as i could, i just went thru everything that i had been doing. seems that it was the 8.04 "Recovery USB Creator" that hoses the usb drive (while not seeming to actually create anything?). so...
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