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  1. Thread: Mint's future

    by reyfer

    Re: Mint's future

    It has always seemed so funny to me, that the people that criticize Windows users unwillingness to experience Linux use the "they are too scared of change, they don't like change" argument, are the...
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    Re: i don't consider my kubuntu as kubuntu

    I may be totally wrong, but it may have to do with the fact that Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubunto and the rest were NOT made by Canonical, they were made by volunteers that wanted the Ubuntu base with...
  3. Re: If You Already Hate Windows 8 Then You Hate Technology

    +10 !!!!
  4. Re: BitCasa: Cloud=your hard drive, Your hard drive=local cache...

    I'm still not convinced. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I use my cell phone to, you know, make calls? and if I want to listen to some music the phone has enough memory in it to carry my...
  5. Re: BitCasa: Cloud=your hard drive, Your hard drive=local cache...

    So how about this?
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    Re: Why do people say Linux is "amazing"?

    Really? When you connect a new device, the OS doesn't connect to the internet to download drivers, and you don't have to use the device's own install software? Wow, that is great then, but in my 30...
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    Re: Why do people say Linux is "amazing"?

    All this people talking about Windows and OSX working "out of the box" with everything, please try this...completely wipe your hard drive, completely....don't use the "recovery" software that came...
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    Re: Would this still be considered Open Source?

    Sorry, I may be wrong, but doesn't the OP's differentiation between Commercial and Non-commercial users being asked to pay or not, go against points 5 and 6 of the Open Source Definition? As I said,...
  9. Steve Jobs patents resignation....oops, no, he just resigned

    Steve Jobs just resigned as CEO of Apple
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    Re: kde-full or Kubuntu ?

    You should try Muon, comes with a package manager (like Synaptic it is a front-end to apt-get and dpkg) and a software center, and it was developed by a Kubuntu developer so it integrates...
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    Re: Apple's newest legal loop

    If Apple keeps going on with these kind of stuff, soon we will be calling that red fruit that has the same name FKAA (Formerly Known as Apple)....can you imagine asking for a piece of FKAA pie?
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    Re: New NASA data on global warming

    So...lets see....we should believe an article by a member of the Heartland Institute, based on a paper written by another member of the Heartland Institute and also member of the George Marshall...
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    Re: Free Creative commons flute music

    Go to on the landing page do a search for "flute", on the resulting page click the link that says "Advanced search" and ther you click on the filter that says "Find content I can modify,...
  14. Re: Microsoft dev makes more changes to Linux 3 than anyone.

    And since when contributing code to the kernel means ownership?
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    Re: Google's new service, What Do You Love

    Really? Nobody else likes this kind of Google metasearch?
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    Google's new service, What Do You Love

    Google is offering a new service, What Do You Love.

    According to the official Google Blog:
  17. Re: The creator of Sabayon asks is the apocolypse of FLOSS near?

    Well, if we take the REAL and LITERAL meaning of the greek word Apocalypse, which means "Revelation", then yes, FLOSS is about to be revealed to a lot more people so the guy is right :):):P
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    Re: Who is AJB Blyth?

    Andrew JC Blyth, head of division, computer systems engineering, University of Newcastle, author of at least 29 papers and books about information systems organization and security, among them "A...
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    Re: Google+ Invites Thread.

    Yes, I finally got in, so probably others can also
  20. Re: Myspace sold to Justin Timberlake for 35 million USD

    So is this a fabrication, what you wrote in response to Swagman and Bandit's comments?
  21. Re: Myspace sold to Justin Timberlake for 35 million USD

    I'm sorry, but even if it means I get a warning or whatever here on these forum, I have to call you a hypocrite, Mr. Eiji Tanaka. You say we should respect other's opinions, and yet you call people...
  22. Re: Myspace sold to Justin Timberlake for 35 million USD

    Can a mod please close this thread? I started it to inform of what I though was a funny fact, and hear your opinions about it, not to be turned into an anti-facebook platform
  23. Myspace sold to Justin Timberlake for 35 million USD now Myspace is dead for sure, in case it wasn't before
  24. Re: Rybka pwned for hijacking OSS and freeware code

    At least someone here understood the whole was not that he used the others code, which was made open and he had every right to use, it was the fact that he told everybody the whole thing...
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    Re: How do you like your coffee?

    I get roasted coffee beans and grind them myself, making my own blends, mixing Venezuelan, Colombian, Brazilian and Hawaiian beans, sometimes adding some clove to the mix....then brew it on a...
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