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  1. [ubuntu] No internet but have Wifi with Dell Latitude

    Dell Latitude D430, dual boot, Windows and Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

    Under Windows sees/connects home router and then Firefox connects to internet with no problems.
    Under Ubuntu sees/connects home router...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Must be an easier way

    I have never got Brasero to work, over multiple Ubuntu platforms and distributions.
    Yesterday I placed a CD in, it asked for three files, (two of them it asked for twice, one was not in package...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: virgin mobile broadband trys connect and asks for network password

    I have spent hours trying to get my son's virgin mobile broadband to work, and thanks to contributions by the following post I got it working.
    Before you read it tho just my $0.02c
    When doing...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: 9.10 Cannot login using gdm after upgrade

    After a routine upgrade (and all our ubuntu computers are really having issues after upgrades, is Australia some sort of early test site for bugs??) same problem with both my computer a few weeks ago...
  5. [ubuntu] Compaq 64AMD Crashed after routine upgrades

    Yesterday when starting Ubuntu, when the start comes to my user name, there is no password box for me to enter a password. So clicking my user name leads to several scripts (I will put these at the...
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    [ubuntu] Unable to read/write external drive

    Problem with read/write.
    I have a small MP3 player connected to my laptop via a usb. The player appears to be formatted FAT32. It is recognised by Ubuntu (Koala) and first I was able to download...
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    [ubuntu] changing permissions

    basic stuff
    opened file in openoffice says I can't open as it is (even tho it is my created file on another machine), I must open copy.
    tried to change permissions, when I go to the drop down box...
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    [ubuntu] HP 1020 printer

    Previously posted.
    HP 1020 printer seems to work fine in Koala, suddenly stopped, printing queues piling up.
    Back to windows, works ok under vista (previously this was my trick, to go back to...
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    crash 2.6.31-16 generic Lenovo 10e

    Ubuntu network remix.
    Lenovo 10e.
    New automatic upgrade today appears at the top of the grub menu, this is called 2.6.31-16-generic. Booting this gives a system crash with the message
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    Lenovo 10e Netbook remix install

    Basic stuff, but basic is good. Shane Wiley

    How I installed ubuntu netbook remix onto a Lenovo 10e

    You will need
    a laptop with a cd burner
    a cd burning program
    good quality blank cd disk...
  11. [ubuntu] rdesktop problem with ubuntu and Lenovo netbook 10e

    got netbook remix onto the Lenovo 10e ( I will post elsewhere how that was done)
    now the screen size on the Lenovo is 1024x576
    when connecting to my office server (which uses windows) using ubuntu...
  12. [ubuntu] live cd does not recognise Atheros AR5007EG Wireless network adapter.

    running ubuntu (latest image today Tuesday Dec 16) from live CD on my Acer aspire 5310 with Atheros AR5007EG Wireless network adapter.

    the adapter does not seem to work, no wireless is available....
  13. Re: Howto: Create LiveUSBs from Windows using a GUI (UNetbootin)

    I installed ubuntu from a memory disk using unetbootin (the cd drive is not working too well).
    Seemed fine, but after install the USB ports will not properly mount a memory stick (have tried a...
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    [ubuntu] USB failure to mount

    Have just installed Ubuntu latest (8.x). Because my laptop CD rom is faulty, I used Unetbootin program and an ISO file on a USB stick. Installation went fine BUT the USB drives do not mount memory...
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