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    [ubuntu] Re: Which Ubuntu for Pentium 4 i686 PC?

    I found (remote desktop) in recent days and it seems a good option for some educational apps at reasonable price. It is not without its issues (some app versions are dated)...
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    Re: How do you install dissenter browser

    Does this help in understanding 32/64 bit addressing?
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    Re: Eye pain using Ubuntu

    You can go to very top bar, far right dropdown arrow (where you Power Off) and select Settings.
    Then Appearance.
    Try Window Theme > dark to ease the eye strain.
    There are other UI tweaks you can...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Cancelled resizing operation and can't access the partition now

    This is rather messy. I will throw in another idea to add to the advice above. I understand that you have deleted Windows and you are left with only Ubuntu. You have used Gparted before - although...
  5. Re: Why Doesn’t A Clone Of My Bootable ubuntu Boot?

    Just for extra information I now keep my two external SSD's in an external docking bay which is connected to Dell only through a USB3 connection (USB3 is necessary for performance). This allows me to...
  6. [SOLVED] Re: Program to replace my... paper filing system thing?

    Although you might have one solution if you are researching "100's of sites" then the tool for this is Zotero.
    Two items are needed.
    First a standalone app which is installed in your desktop. Mine...
  7. Re: Why Doesn’t A Clone Of My Bootable ubuntu Boot?

    Basically refind can be safely installed either in your internal drive or in the external SSD (which I prefer).
    Looking at my setup I have /boot/efi/EFI in external SSD and inside there I have
  8. Re: Why Doesn’t A Clone Of My Bootable ubuntu Boot?

    I too am on Dell (3268) with Windows 10 on internal drive and Ubuntu on external USB3 SSD.
    I can only suggest trying to install ReFIND to give an alternative loader option in EFI folder. Works fine...
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    Re: Screen keyboard

    There is florence found in Synaptic Package Manager.
  10. [ubuntu] Re: What are the various search options in Settings > Search (Ubuntu 20.04)?

    I don't use that search feature but does this explain?
  11. Re: Developing HTML/PHP files with Emacs ...

    I have never used emacs .. I use Atom and other tools such as Sublime Text 3.
    But out of curiosity I explored how Atom and emacs might be configured in a cooperative toolchain.
    These are the emacs...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Various backup options

    I have had Tressorit bookmarked for some time pending future consideration.
    But I have not applied it so far.
    Still wary about implications of encrypted cloud as incremental backup.
    I would...
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    Re: free scrum tool on ubuntu/linux

    Intuitively, for a small project I would look at airtable templates (I have not tried the template below).
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    [ubuntu] Re: Various backup options

    All very solid advice from @TheFu which I have bookmarked and will apply.
    But are there any points to look out for in my desktop 20.04 (running on external SSD1)
    with a second external SSD2...
  15. [xubuntu] Re: Is Firefox Primary Password a good encrypting password manager

    I have so many passwords in use (one per account) that I find it easier to use the "Forgot Password" feature which returns to my email account a link to inject a new password. Then I run pwgen in...
  16. [lubuntu] Re: Newly-Installed snap applications not showing up

    Stacer offers nice dashboards which show status of installed applications.
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu installer does not recognize ssd that windows 10 is on - want to dual boot

    Since you are starting from a Windows 10 environment I suggest using Rufus (in Windows) to create the Ubuntu USB installer in a flash drive. All in UEFI mode.
    Then you should be in a position to use...
  18. [ubuntu] Re: How do I fix "Don't know how to handle 'file:///home/username'" error?

    It is not clear to me in first post whether your protocol error message displayed before you installed Krusader.
    But you appear to have something tangible to search for .. i.e. your Krusader panels...
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    Re: Start application minimzed??

    As an alternative to above, install Actiona from Synaptic.
    In the Actiona GUI you can use the Window object to control different apps windows.
    After testing in the GUI the script is run with the...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Windows tools that I need an equivelient

    I recommend adding this GUI tool .. Stacer

    There are dashboards for all three of your scenarios .. and more.

    Then I would look at zenmap.
    sudo -H zenmap .. scan localhost

    There are many...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Off topic - please help to remove offending software

    Open Firefox
    Click on Open Menu ("hamburger" icon top right).
    Select Addons
    or you can just type "about:addons" in URL field
    Select Extensions
    Remove unwanted Extension

    For more information...
  22. Re: My Dual Boot Does Not Work To WinXP From Grub Menu, Help?

    I thought of trying rEFInd but yours is older MBR and rEFInd requires GPT to work..
  23. Re: Horrific state to be in. Can't install Ubuntu due to HDD issues? HELP!

    Before jumping into the "Install Ubuntu" option FIRST use "Try Ubuntu" option.This allows you to see Ubuntu at work before any changes.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Need help with a bash script

    To create a zenity like GUI where you can add popup quiz questions you might like Actiona which is in repo.
    Takes a bit of time to understand and since the Code widget uses Actionscript2 (extension...
  25. Re: Software to scan bookshelf backs and register books?

    My thought is that you could use some machine learning service (of book images) where book images are categorised into buckets.
    You would need to "train" the algorithm with examples.
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