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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Software missing from Categories in Ubuntu Software Store v.20.04.1 LTS

    I have the same thing happening with the app called Software and Details shows that this is not a snap version but from Gnome. In my case, once I click on the 3 dots the icons appear and if I try...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu Acting Very Strange

    I doubt if the cause is lack of hard disc space. I see root ( / ) = 323G available and /home = 245G available. Try opening System Monitor and check how much memory is being used and if the CPU cores...
  3. Re: How to install to separate Linux partition without damaging windows

    I have been trying to find some pictures/images that show what we mean when we explain in words what we have to do. This is what I have come up with. It is Ubuntu Mate but the images also apply to...
  4. Re: Trying to load some of my apk's into anbox

    Anbox developers make these claims:

    I am not sure if the comments about native code apply. But what do I know? I have Anbox and so far it is yet to to a dialog screen that I can direct to...
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    Re: Slow boot after drive removal

    + 1 for the above post

    If the 16.04 drive had a swap partition and 20.04 was set to use the swap partition on the 16.04 drive, then 20.04 would spend time trying to mount the swap partition. I hit...
  6. [SOLVED] Re: Migrating from Windows 10 - Question on Third party apps extenstion

    Just a little bit more information about file extensions. All software in Linux is packaged. That is why we call them packages. It includes libraries, which are referred to as dependencies and...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: How to Reset (not restart) NetworkManager to default settings?

    For an ethernet connection on 20.04, open System Settings>Network. Alongside the ethernet connection is a cog icon. Click that and click Remove Connection Profile. For a wireless connection click...
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    Re: Ram upgrade issue

    Are you connected to the Internet Service Provider by a telephone landline? I have experienced instances where the web browser says the connection was lost. I look at the indicators on the router and...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: How do you keep system from deleting old kernels in 20.04

    Software Updater runs 3 commands - update; upgrade and autoremove. If we use the terminal and only run update and upgrade no old kernels will be removed. But be careful, the next time we run Software...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 "New Partition Table"

    In regard to your off topic question, I think I am right in saying that running Ubuntu from a USB stick will be slower than running it from a hard disk. You can always open System Monitor and that...
  11. Re: How do you install dissenter browser

    These are the install instructions from the Dissenter download page

    Did you use the command line? Or is it the software installer that does nothing?

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    Re: Restore kernel update

    Do you get a Grub boot menu? Can you select Advanced Options for Ubuntu? Under Advanced Options you will see some earlier Linux kernels that you can still boot into. May be one of them will get you...
  13. [ubuntu] Re: New user. Old Mac. (Is x 10.6.8)

    Instructions on how to burn the Ubuntu ISO image to DVD on a Mac

    Instructions on how to burn the Ubuntu ISO to USB stick
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    Re: Recommended laptop for ubuntu

    The OMGUbuntu website often gives news about suppliers offering machines with Ubuntu preinstalled
  15. [ubuntu] Re: Installation Problems | Failed to load ldlinux.c32

    From an internet search I see that this problem has been around for a few years. I would post a link to other forums where this question was asked but they do not seem to provide a clear answer.
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    [ubuntu] Re: boot fail

    If you can successfully boot into kernel 5.4.0-56 then continue doing so. Wait for an update to fix those possibly faulty kernels. Update/upgrade through the terminal. If you use Software Updater and...
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    Re: Frustration

    Why not dual boot with Ubuntu Kylin? Then you can get frustrated trying to install an English keyboard. :) Sorry, I just could not resist. But may be Ubuntu kylin is the answer.
  18. [SOLVED] Re: Why does Chromiun not connect here?

    I do not have Gimp installed so I cannot read that image file (xcf). Take a screenshot. They are png files.

    As for Chromium, it is a snap. If we right click its icon in the launcher and select...
  19. [lubuntu] Re: How painful is the "reinstall" update to 20.04

    Can you create space and dual boot between 18.04 and 20.04? Then you at least transfer your data over. And you will still have a working OS. Do you have a separate Data partition?

    An upgrade to a...
  20. Re: System disk is booting very slowly

    I do believe that Ubuntu developers try to reduce the boot time by letting us log in before all services are fully running. In other words, there is still a lot of activity taking place even after we...
  21. [SOLVED] Re: I clicked on a Facebook link, worried about virus, what can I do?

    "Hit escape to exit" is the standard method that Facebook recommends for exiting full screen mode. There should also be a little icon, possibly at the bottom right of the video window that we click...
  22. [SOLVED] Re: Test first post: About process monitor

    I would not experiment with my install of Ubuntu if I had not learnt how to re-install it. In fact it was by messing up that I was forced to learn how to re-install. I, now, have more than one...
  23. [SOLVED] Re: Which one is better for Ubuntu 20.04, normal ubuntu or ubuntu safe graphics?

    If the screen is small and built in, then the video adapter may not have the computational power or video memory to refresh the screen fast enough. Hardware specifications might be useful. Please.
  24. [kubuntu] Re: Major issues with recent kernels > 5.8.0-31

    On this forum we have seen several posts regarding problems that occurred after an update in which the update brought in the Linux 3.8 kernel. I do not think I will be contradicted if I say that if...
  25. Re: Ubunto 20.04 opens to something other than the desktop

    Is this the first boot after installation? Has this been a running operating system before this problem happened? Is this a re-installation? Here are instructions on how to use Boot Repair. As...
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