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    [ubuntu] Clickpad left click stuck in drag

    I've done a clean install of ubuntu 14.04 2 days ago on my laptop. I tried to install xSwipe, but failed because my version of synclient is 1.7.4. After the next restart my left-click wasn't working....
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    Dual booting Windows 8 and elementary OS

    I've followed this guide for my Sony Vaio Pro:[1]
    Tried twice, disabled secureboot for one of them, but still no success. Laptop boots directly to...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: HOWTO: Sony Vaio Pro 13 DualBoot (Win 8 + Ubuntu Trusty 14.04) SecureBoot Wifi LV

    Hi, I followed your guide to try to install elementary os on my SVP but instead of a grub menu it just boots straight to windows 8.
    I've tried to install this twice. Can anyone give me any...
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