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  1. Re: HOWTO - Basic Network Troubleshooting / Understanding

    Great article.

  2. [lubuntu] Kmail launching abiword when opening URL.

    Every time I click a URL within Kmail it tries to open the link in abiword.

    I've verified my preferred browser is Chromium and also tested with a preferred browser of Firefox and Google Chrome.
  3. [ubuntu] Samba share permission issues with Windows.

    I created a share with Samba and can access is with my Linux users from windows easily, but I want to be able to drag and drop files into from Windows but I always get access denied, anyone know how...
  4. [ubuntu] First time scripting, running script as root on startup.

    I am trying to run my script at startup but it doesn't run the script as root.

    Do I need to add my root username and password in the script, or somewhere else?

    Thanks, let me know if you need...
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