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  1. Ceton infinitv USB tuner without CableCard

    I've got a MythTV v26 setup where I've used an antenna to record over the air ATSC broadcasts. I've just gotten Wow (Knology) digital cable installed and snagged a cheap Ceton USB quad tuner off...
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    Re: Windows OEM disk loaded on VirtualBox

    I just got a new laptop I found on sale. It came Win8, with I would replace with XP if it weren't such a pain to find the drivers I would need for newer hardware. I hate Win8 with a passion. I...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: using an installed Windows 8 on a dual boot set up to also run in a virtual machi

    Okay .... ? I'm not sure what that has to do with my question much other than his Desktop machine was an HP and Laptop was an HP and we both use Windows and Ubuntu. He has a Win8 Dual Booting with...
  4. [ubuntu] using an installed Windows 8 on a dual boot set up to also run in a virtual machine

    I just bought an HP 2000 laptop with an AMD E-300 APU and 4GB RAM. It had Win8 pre-installed. I installed Ubuntu 12.10 along side for dual boot setup. I've had some minor problems with GRUB and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Turn off track stick

    I have a wireless keyboard with mouse touchpad that drives me crazy when I'm typing and bump it. The touchpad is fine when surfing, but when I'm doing serious typing, I want to disable the...
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    Re: mythcommflag errors in 12.04 and .26

    This problem is not limited to HDHomeRun tuners. I'm getting the same errors with the 3 different tuners below. I've given up on commercial detection for now and set both of my backends to NOT run...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Canon Pixma MG5200 Series Printers and Ubuntu

    Similarly, I've got a Canon MG3122 printer & scanner ($50 at WalMart) with USB and WiFi. I had to have a Windoze machine to setup the device on my wireless network , but then UBUNTU found the...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Creative Extigy 5.1

    The Extigy won't work with 5.1 since PulseAudio replaced OSS in Ubuntu distro.

    For more info, see link below:
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Sound-Blaster Extigy: No surround sound, only front left and right

    The Extigy won't work with 5.1 since PulseAudio replaced OSS in Ubuntu distro.

    For more info, see link below:
  10. [all variants] Re: External Soundcard fully working with Ubuntu

    Even though this is an old message, I am posting this reply in case others are still looking for a solution with 5.1 on the Extigy. I had a Creative Sound Blaster Extigy USB sound adapter that...
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    [mythbuntu] Re: Mythbuntu 10.10 Kworld ATSC 120 Tuner

    Has anyone got this card working with current 12.04 LTS release. I had it working with 10.04 just fine, but now it won't work. The device is detected, but whenever I try to tune stations, all get...
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    [all variants] HP (NL571AA) USB Graphics Adapter

    Does anyone have experience with the HP (NL571AA) USB Graphics Adapter? I've searched and there are some threads with people using other brands of USB external video adapters, but I didn't seen...
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    [ubuntu] [SOLVED] DVI out to HDTV

    I got the output going to the TV in 1280*1080 resolution, and it looks really good. I've not yet found a fix that works for the overscan, so I've got part of the picture missing around the edges. ...
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    [ubuntu] Re: DVI out to HDTV

    Thank you so much BicyclerBoy !!

    Even though my Sony is a rear projection and not a flat panel, that fixed the problem. The nVidia driver was seeing the TV as a CRT, maybe because I'm using the...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: How to create endless run DVD from mp4 file?

    The DeVeDe program in the Multiverse repository will do this fairly easy. I use it for any video format I want to convert to DVD. Using it, you will create a menu DVD where the first entry starts...
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    [ubuntu] DVI out to HDTV

    I am trying to set up a PC to connect to an HTDV I just bought used. It is a 57" Sony KP-57WS510 rear projection model that will support 1080i, 720p, 480p, and 480i connections. (It's an old model...
  17. [ubuntu] Re: distributed whole house audio - alsa problems

    You need to look at the documentation and examples for the hidden file .asoundrc in your home directory. The link below has an example of how to do the opposite by combining multiple stereo devices...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Can't log into CNN live streaming video

    Has anyone yet found a fix for this problem. I'm using 11.10 and have all the adobe and extra stuff. I tried it both with and without Adobe Air.

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    [ubuntu] Re: Classic Scrollbars on Ubuntu 11.04?

    I'm not really surprised. While Canonical's support helped Debian become a better distribution for a few years, they have begun being a bit heavy handed the last few years. Changes like PulseAudio,...
  20. [SOLVED] Re: Best Program to create .ISO files from a CD or DVDs

    K3B is pretty simple and works great.
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