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    [ubuntu] Re: Security with remote logins

    Use the VPN feature of your firewall (may require licenses). Give Group A only access to the IPs of the machines for Group A, in Group B give access only to the IPs for those machines, in group C...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: "PIN" like functionality after "lock screen"

    In general, I think creating anything "short or easy" in the something you know category is going to a bad idea. The only acceptable answers I could come up with is something like voice or iris...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Is my router secure?

    Turnoff upnp, restrict router management from the outside world and wifi and lock it down to a single physical port if possible, place the firewall in a locked room or rack, turn off any ports that...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: "PIN" like functionality after "lock screen"

    Use biometrics.
  5. [SOLVED] Re: When are Integrit/Tripwire/Aide & chkrootkit good to use & when are they too much

    Threats to the integrity of data should be a principle concern of home users. For example, you might not notice your family picture collection was suffering loss of integrity unless system files were...
  6. [SOLVED] Re: rkhunter: Should I be concerned about any of these warnings?

    Why would the database be stored on the machine that is being checked? I would think if someone were in a position to replace files, they could simply update the database, too? Seems like a silly...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Am I safe ?

    Increasing the wireless footprint will decrease security further since the signal will be available over a larger area. It is advisable to use the minimum signal you need. It's worth trying to move...
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    [ubuntu] firefox apparmor profile

    I'm not sure why this keeps happening, but when firefox is updated the apparmor profile breaks. This time I let it install the new apparmor profile and I simply edited in the few changes I wanted. I...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can no longer read encrypted DVD's

    Hopefully, someone can help you. I would recommend always immediately testing access to any backup data to make sure it is accessible when using a new system. I test my backup media by doing a test...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: How secure is Ubuntu compared to other operating systems?

    The primary difference I see between giving someone Windows 7 and Ubuntu are that Windows 7 treats the first user who signs in as an administrator and the fact that the OS is so heavily targeted by...
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    [ubuntu] Encrypted Home-Set passwords?

    I have been reading about encrypted home folders. I thought I am supposed to set a mount password, but the server install never prompted me to do that? I believe this is the password I use in case...
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    [all variants] Re: Password Protected BIOS

    My understanding of a bios password is that one can simply pull the battery on the machine and reset this or sometimes a jumper on the motherboard, so I don't think that's going to accomplish much of...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Backups Questions

    Just wanted to come back and say great answers. I believe I now have enough information to begin experimenting with the exact scripting I need once I have the new backup machine ready.
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    [SOLVED] Backups Questions

    Looking for some answers to help me create a backup solution. I did the obligatory search, but found most answers were overly simplistic. I'd like to make an informed decision, but don't have enough...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Help with setting up Tripwire?

    You could try aide. Basically when you initializethe database it takesahash of the files and lets you knowif they changed but easier to setup. The database is storedon write protected media like an...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Virus prevention

    I use an sdcard, they can hold quiteabit ofstorage and can be set to readonly. To me an external media which cannotbe hardwarewrite protected is not something I'd want to use between systems.
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Creating a Firewall for Your Ubuntu Desktop

    I think there should be a link to this thread in the stickies, very well documented. tutorials like this are what gets people from thinking they need to do something to actually implementing the...
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    Re: does I need antivirus on Ubuntu 11.10 ?

    Some of the security tools for Linux seem to be quite old. For example, when was chkrootkit last updated? If Ubuntu users had malware planted on their systems, how quickly would it be discovered?...
  19. [ubuntu] Why is there an update for VNC Server?

    I have never installed VNC server on my system and would not do so since I do not need it. I am puzzled why I found an update for it today VNC Server for Gnome (Vino). Is there a way to see if some...
  20. Re: This horrible thing called antimalware doctor.

    I am not familiar with this particular spyware but there are two easy ways that likely will fix this

    1) Download and Run Combofix from a reputable site then install and run Malwarebytes...
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    [SOLVED] Re: I found a virus!

    Malware can get on Windows systems regardless of what AV is used. I've seen them routinely get past Symantec, AVG, Trend, etc. If the windows app does not require network access, might be worthwhile...
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    [ubuntu] Securing my data

    One of the worst things that could happen is losing all the data on a machine so that has me thinking about this. Here are my thoughts and I'd like to hear other views.

    Backup Media:

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    [SOLVED] Apparmor default profiles

    I was tinkering with the apparmor default profiles and jacked up the firefox one a bit and wanted to go back to the defaults so I deleted it. I cannot get the thing to reload it. I've purged,...
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    [all variants] slow mp4 files

    Im trying to play some videos with vlc but they are too choppy, I guess my comp is too slow. They are something like 1700x1000 h.264. What can I re-encode these too to maintain good quality but...
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    Re: Howto: Backup and restore your system!

    I used tar to backup and restore a fedora system. I think I had to tweak the OP a little bit to exclude some files or something, but it did work. There is also a utility called PAX (I think that's...
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