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  1. [ubuntu] how does one get a "failsafe" kernel to run?

    I have the long term Ubuntu version and I need to see the kernel choices to pick "failsafe". How can I do that?

    If the machine gets into graphics mode I lose control because something is wrong.
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    [all variants] Re: firefox 4 and adblock plus problem

    That did not work so I renamed the .mozilla folder and started fresh. I was able to save bookmarks and passwords so it was not a huge deal, but it was a odd thing. Adblock plus is working fine now...
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    [all variants] Re: firefox 4 and adblock plus problem

    Sorry but that does not work. There was a complaint of some file that could not be removed. I have used firefox for years and have never seen a problem like this. I removed No-script just to test it...
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    [all variants] firefox 4 and adblock plus problem

    After doing a dist upgrade I discover that I have firefox 4.0 and it has disabled adblock plus 1.3.3 and I can not get the new adblock plus since I can not uninstal the old one. Does anyone know how...
  5. [all variants] Re: server planning - Authentication question

    Hey, thanks for all the input. I am going to set up the box using NIS and NFS as you recommend. I would like to try LDAP someday as a test but I can not find any tutorials that show how to just get...
  6. [all variants] Re: server planning - Authentication question

    As I understand this, NFS would serve the files to those that log in properly on a client Ubuntu box and would yield that user his/her home directory and so the child would look at their "own...
  7. [all variants] server planning - Authentication question

    Hello all, a little help please.

    We are a small private school and we have about 30 computers running Ubuntu. We use a common account on all computers at present. I want to move to having about 50...
  8. Thread: GradeQuick

    by joepotter


    Many schools use an on-line version of GradeQuick which is accessed via the Internet. It would seem that would mean that the program is OS agnostic. However, there is a "plugin" helper program that...
  9. [all variants] Re: authentication and file server help please ...

    Thanks for your thoughts. I have read that Samba might be our best bet in a mixed environment if we want all students to have individual logins. I think that will be required at some point --- the...
  10. [all variants] authentication and file server help please ...

    A little help please.

    I have a small very poor private school (pre-K to 8th grade) that has computers that are mostly 6+ years old. I have set up a Ubuntu server to handle Dan's Guardian for...
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    [SOLVED] Re: how to add printer in Lucid

    I was forced to restart cups, but that did work. The question becomes why cups did not start automatically and if this is a widespread problem or just an anomaly with my 64 bit install. Unfortunately...
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    [SOLVED] [solved] how to add printer in Lucid

    I have a fresh install of 64bit Ubuntu Lucid and I can not install a printer in the manner that I have been doing for some years now. I would like to click on System --> Administration --> Printing...
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    Need a little basic server help please.

    I have installed Ubuntu server on a box and am ready to start configuring services. It has been over 5 years since I did this and I have forgotten much. Plus, there may be new and improved ways of...
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    [ubuntu] dual boot error 13 (grup problem?)

    I have two partitions on this machine. Both have had Karmic on them since testing started. On /dev/sda1 I have the main distro and it has ext3 and grub on it. It has allowed me to boot /dev/sda6 (the...
  15. [all variants] need a pointer to a howto for wpa and rt2500

    I would like a current howto (I am running karmic) on how one could set up an rt2500 chip and use WPA wireless on a tower that never moves. Just the one network.

    I can not use network-manager as...
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    [all variants] alternate install methods ...

    I would like to install Ubuntu to a computer hard drive. Normally, one downloads the image and burns it to a CD or DVD and uses that to install the distribution.

    What are my other choices these...
  17. [all variants] Re: I need to install on an iMac (34 of them)

    I have no option that would allow us to use a virtual machine; policy restrictions.

    I can not use 'two beefy Ubuntu beefy servers with Ubuntu, and then just connect to them with xdmcp' as this is...
  18. [all variants] I need to install on an iMac (34 of them)

    Hello all.

    I need to install Ubuntu on 34 iMacs in our little lab. We need to use boot camp (or whatever that is) and we need to keep the Mac software (OSX 10.5) there as the default selection....
  19. [ubuntu] Network will not automatically start upon reboot

    I had to remove network-manager because it does not seem to work with an rt2500 card at this time, or at least not for the wife.

    Even with auto wlan0 in the config file /etc/network/interfaces I...
  20. Re: BUMPS 2.0 Is Coming Down the Pipeline... Here's What to Expect!

    It works fine here, I say call it a release. There will be many Edgy people looking for bumps in just a few days when edgy is released.
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    Re: Edgy support?

    It works just fine with Edgy, I used version 1.251.

    First I copied my /etc/apt/sources.list to replace the bumps sources list so that it was forced to used mine.

    Then it worked perfectly.

  22. Re: In regards to "The main suggestion for Edgy Eft"

    Thanks for your response. I am glad to hear that my being called "stupid" and "retarded" were in fact violations of the rules, but were just not noticed.

    I look forward to your post with the rest...
  23. In regards to "The main suggestion for Edgy Eft"

    In regards to "The main suggestion for Edgy Eft":

    I was not displeased at all to see the thread put out of its misery. I do wonder what was the...
  24. Re: HOW TO: Configure wireless cards with Broadcom chipsets

    I get the same here. No errors, just no working wireless card.
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    Re: Backports empty?

    deb breezy main restricted universe multiverse
    #deb-src breezy main restricted universe multiverse

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