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  1. [lubuntu] Re: Cloned USB drive with Lubuntu Eoan can be made persistent live

    Saw somewhere that with newer Windows the extraction method does not work directly.
    The Windows install file .win now exceeds 4GB, so cannot be in a FAT32 partition. You have to create both a FAT32...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Intel M.2 SSD 660p not detected in ubuntu

    After you update UEFI & SSD firmware, you have to turn on UEFI Secure Boot and login to UEFI. Never forget that password.
    Then you should have more settings available to change.
    If UEFI updated, it...
  3. [lubuntu] Re: Cloned USB drive with Lubuntu Eoan can be made persistent live

    I have Ubuntu-Mate ISO.
    So I extracted ISO for UEFI boot to the only flash drive I have available, 4GB and created small ext2 partition and NTFS partitions.
    After extraction changed quiet splash to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Dual boot fails

    Did you ever post link to summary report from Boot-Repair?
    That shows lots of details on configuration.
    May have conflict like duplicate UUIDs or something which report will show.
    Run from Live...
  5. Re: Single boot system, Why does grub menu load

    You probably only needed a complete reinstall of grub.

    And grub customizer creates copies of grub files so standard grub files then are not used. Full reinstall of grub then overwrites grub...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: No Windows 7 boot after bionic LTS install

    Your Windows looks like a BIOS Windows boot which requires MBR partitioning.
    UEFI installs normally use gpt partitioning & Windows requires it. Ubuntu will let you install in UEFI mode to MBR...
  7. Re: Ubuntu on Lenovo Carbon 6gen - Unable to display Windows login option

    Can you directly boot Windows from Lenovo UEFI boot menu.
    Depending on model, one of these keys: Lenovo - F8, F10, F12

    Check that fast start up is off, as that sets hibernation flag...
  8. Re: failed to use Boot Repair on freshly installed UEFI Windows 10 and UEFI Ubuntu 18

    You can create a live installer with persistence.
    I prefer to just do a full install to flash drive, but more difficult as Ubuntu's Ubiquity installer only wants to install grub to internal drive....
  9. Re: BIOS installation without OS and BIOS on computer

    All Dell typically need UEFI update & if SSD firmware update.
    You need to add AHCI driver into Windows first, then in UEFI change RAID/Intel SRT to AHCI.
    You probably have to turn bitlocker off...
  10. [SOLVED] Re: Unable to boot into Ubuntu, i have a fsck problem

    It says run manual fsck.
    From Ubuntu live installer booted in live mode run the full fsck/e2fsck commands.

    To see all the ext4 partitions
    sudo parted -l
    #From liveDVD/Flash so everything is...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Recovering lost ext4 partition

    Did you back up partition table with sfdisk & with testdisk restore missing partition as L logical?
    As in post # 6?
  12. Re: failed to use Boot Repair on freshly installed UEFI Windows 10 and UEFI Ubuntu 18

    Do not use Boot-Repair ISO, it is old. It still should offer to boot in UEFI mode. Also better to get software directly from source, rather than third party.
    Perhaps your B450 is too new as needs...
  13. Re: Can I just delete the Mint partitions and install Ubuntu? Or are there more steps

    Do not know Mint, but based on Ubuntu.
    Ubuntu's Ubiquity installer only installs grub2's UEFI boot loader to first drive, usually the Windows ESP which they then share. You have to leap thru a...
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    Re: Yoga 730 Install

    Never done it, but some links:

    Windows AHCI instructions & ...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Zebra GK420D not printing

    ZPL requires a generic printer that sends no codes, and your software has to embed the ZPL code to control the printer.

    Older thread.
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    Re: Have to click " ESC " to boot properly

    What brand/model system? What video card/chip?

    May be best to see details, use ppa version with your live installer (2nd option) or any working install, not older Boot-Repair ISO:
  17. [ubuntu] Re: Grub boot menu entry for EFI firmware configuration

    I have multiple installs, so I turn off os-prober and add only those I want into 40_custom.
    Some examples:...
  18. Re: How do I install Ubuntu in Windows 10 which ntfs ?

    You are making major changes to system. You must have good backups.
    Best practice for Backups - theFu
  19. [SOLVED] Re: Existing installation, move drive to new machine?

    If UEFI system, new system will not have the UEFI boot entry.
    You should be able to boot a fallback or hard drive boot entry then use efibootmgr to create new UEFI boot entry for Ubuntu.
    Or you...
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    Re: Clone partition to new SSD - Best Way

    If UEFI with gpt partitioning, I am not sure you can clone one partition.
    GUID has info in primary partition table, backup partition table & partition that must match.
    And you cannot have...
  21. [lubuntu] Re: Unable to boot Windows XP after installing Lubuntu in dual boot

    You should just be able to use the Something Else install option.
    And you can choose to reuse your exiting partition(s). If you have separate /home partition be sure NOT to check the format box. But...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Western Digital external hard disk_ 2

    How to use Code tags, # in advanced editor
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    [ubuntu] Re: fdisk shows numerous /dev/loop

    I remove all snaps and install standard repository files. But they are now converting some apps to just being snaps.
    You can list without snaps.
    exclude snaps in commands
    lsblk -af |grep...
  24. Re: Installing Ubuntu 18.04 - confused about disks and directory structure

    New installs are just / (root). If UEFI install then it also adds an ESP - efi system partition.
    It now creates a swap file, so swap partition is not required. But with LVM installs it will still...
  25. [lubuntu] Re: Unable to boot Windows XP after installing Lubuntu in dual boot

    You never install grub to a NTFS partition, and almost never to a partition. You always want to specify a drive like sda, not a partition like sda2 for where to install grub.

    NTFS has vital...
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