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    [SOLVED] Re: How to convert .mkv to .mp4 with sound?

    Just open a terminal and use command
    history | grep ffmpeg
    There are other ways, including a reverse search with Ctrl+R mpeg, but using grep is, I think, the easiest way to see all the commands...
  2. [SOLVED] Re: Home folder polluted - What to SAVE when Upgrading OS

    You are not able to close a thread, not even one you started; that is something that only forum staff can do, though the forum software itself will close a thread after twelve months of inactivity.
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    [xubuntu] Re: Prevent sleeping

    My Xubuntu 18.04 on a desktop machine has an icon for an applet on the panel for the power-manager, part of Notification Area, which when right clicked shows a tick box for "Presentation Mode".

  4. Re: "Install third-party software for graphics..." option failed; why?

    I have never had an Nvidia graphic card, but assuming your problem relates to an incorrect driver being installed, I am pretty certain you can remove that driver using the command line which you can...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Read NTFS hard drives

    Are these drives internally connected or USB external drives?

    Be aware that if used in Windows but not removed properly (if USB drives) they will not be available to you from any Linux OS. If...
  6. Re: Migrating Chromium passwords to Ubuntu 18.04

    Thanks deadflowr; I was not aware of any of that, but then I do not have any snaps on my systems.
  7. Re: Migrating Chromium passwords to Ubuntu 18.04

    This could be a result of using chromium as a snap package which by design, as far as I understand, does not always have access to all system files and folders.

    Remove the snap and then install...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: Start/run an Appimage like a regular program

    As this launcher relates to printing it makes sense to use
    in that .desktop launcher.
  9. [SOLVED] Re: Start/run an Appimage like a regular program

    Having downloaded the appimage you must now give it execute permissions, so assuming it's in your Downloads folder run command chmod +x Downloads/name-of-appimage.Appimage

    You can then create a...
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    Re: issue with PDF files in Xubuntu

    See if you can overcome this problem, which I have never seen before, by right clicking on a PDF file in thunar file-manager, going to Properties, and in the "Open With" drop-down box choose...
  11. Re: Problem getting to Windows data from Ubuntu (bootable USB) after HD failure

    It seems to me as though you are a great candidate for running Windows as a VM in, for example, VirtualBox; this is something I have to do (or did in the past) to update my SatNav device which is...
  12. Re: Problem getting to Windows data from Ubuntu (bootable USB) after HD failure

    Assuming VBox was downloaded to the Downloads folder of your live USB of Ubuntu try running command
    sudo apt install Downloads/virtualbox-6.0_6.0.10-132072~Ubuntu~bionic_amd64.deb Change the name...
  13. Re: Linux Mint faster, more efficient, than Ubuntu Gnome?

    It will depend on many different things, in particular your hardware and how good your graphic display works.

    Personally I find both the gnome desktop of Ubuntu and cinnamon in Mint a bit too slow...
  14. Re: Problem getting to Windows data from Ubuntu (bootable USB) after HD failure

    With no information so far on the cause of your inability to boot into the Windows OS it's impossible to know if this is a hardware or OS problem.

    My gut feeling from what you report in post #10...
  15. [lubuntu] Re: How

    @ mijaillinares

    Welcome to the forum.
    Please note that I have reinstated the text of your post.
    If the problem is now solved please tell us how; also please mark as SOLVED from the Thread Tools...
  16. Re: Problem getting to Windows data from Ubuntu (bootable USB) after HD failure

    If your Windows OS crashed or was part way through booting and then gave up, it is possible that your live Ubuntu is seeing the ntfs partition as still in use, thereby making it impossible to mount...
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    [ubuntu_budgie] Re: Video Lost Sound. Can It Be Fixed?

    The command
    sudo apt install mediainfo will install the utility just as the apt install command installs anything else in the repos.

    However, it may not be shown in the ubuntu-software, or...
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    [ubuntu_budgie] Re: Video Lost Sound. Can It Be Fixed?

    Install mediainfo package then run command
    mediainfo /path/to/file.mp4 which will give you all the details of the problem file, including the sound codecs etc etc.
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    [SOLVED] Re: Root home as one partition or two?

    Another alternative is to keep /home within root and create a separate partition for data, and then use soft links to data folders in that into your home; it will appear to you that the flders are...
  20. Re: POP OS has destroyed my PC, help me get it back

    It is impossible to help you much at present as you have not given us any helpful information about exactly what you did.

    So that we can see where you are at present, see Boot-Repair in my...
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    Re: Who else is eagerly waiting for 20.04 ?

    I will be very interested to see what Xubuntu 20.04 is like, but I'm not busting a gut to get it running as my main system.

    I use only the LTS versions on that main machine, keeping the...
  22. [SOLVED] Re: I need help restoring Firefox from old profile

    Great news!

    Please now mark as SOLVED from the Thread Tools menu up-top if this is now solved to your satisfaction. It is a great help to other users searching the forum.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Wifi no auto reconnect after suspend

    This was a problem for me in 14.04, I think, though I've not seen it for a long time and certainly not in 18.04.
    However, there was bug raised for this and a solution shown in the shell script which...
  24. [SOLVED] Re: I need help restoring Firefox from old profile

    Next time you need to do something like this, ie restore your FF profile (and I assume all your personal folders and files), simply backup everything in your /home folder, including all the hidden...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Ethernet printer

    If you want to use a GUI for any printer management activities that are needed install hplip-gui; it gives you a great printer configuration GUI.

    It is not absolutely necessary as the CUPS webmin...
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