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    [ubuntu] Re: Upgraded 14.10 to 15.04, lost all TTYs

    I have an AMD (ATI) Radeon HD 6670, and I'm using the v15.200 drivers from the Vivid "Restricted" repository (trying to build from the Catalyst download fails because of a variety of dependency...
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    [ubuntu] Upgraded 14.10 to 15.04, lost all TTYs

    This week, I finally upgraded from 14.10 to 15.04 because 14.10 is now End Of Life, and I was running Cinnamon instead of Unity (if that makes a difference) and now when I boot, I no longer have...
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    HOWTO: Custom Build Kali ISO on Ubuntu

    First off, I will tell you that while the official guide is good, it's aimed more at straight Debian users. Even though Ubuntu is based on Debian, there are some differences that may cause problems....
  4. [all variants] How do I create a live USB for UEFI systems that reads and saves changes?

    I have a 16 GB USB stick which runs a live boot of Ubuntu 14.10 with antivirus software, and a few other tools I installed which (obviously) needs to be kept up to date as I use it to boot and clean...
  5. Is it possible to activate wlan0 on boot, before X11 loads?

    On my laptop, I have in /etc/rc0.d/ a little script (K06networking) that - in theory - load wlan0 and connect it before everything else loads, but it's not working.

    The initial networking loader...
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    Re: Install Wine from source in 12.04 64bit.

    Does anybody have some experience doing this another way (other than CHROOT) on 13.04 x64? I'm having a lot of trouble as I'm trying to include a minor tweak (bad hack, really) that should FINALLY...
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    Re: HOWTO: Mounting NFS Shares on Windows XP

    I should add, as an after-thought, though I should hope it goes without saying, that you should be careful when you set up your shares. Windows users may inadvertently delete dot files (like .profile...
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    HOWTO: Mounting NFS Shares on Windows XP

    On my home LAN I have a mixed cadre of systems with XP running alongside Ubuntu, and I have movies, financial documents, printers, photos, MP3s, etc that need to be available to multiple users on...
  9. [ubuntu] After upgrading to 13.04, SHUTDOWN / REBOOT go to SUM

    Running 13.04 x64 and since the upgrade from the final beta to the "Official" release, when I choose shutdown or reboot from the main menu, Ringtail drops me out of X and down to the Single User Mode...
  10. Re: p11-kit error Workaround WINE in AMD64 Ubuntu 12.04

    I'm using Ringtail x64 (13.04) with WINE 1.4. The path for me was actually /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/pkcs11/ and not /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu/pkcs11/ as...
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    [lubuntu] Re: C compiler cannot create executables

    Are you trying to compile in 32 bits on a 64 bit distro?
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Ringtail: Black line at top of screen on fullscreen playback

    The solution is to enable Workspaces?


  13. [ubuntu] Ringtail: Black line at top of screen on fullscreen playback

    On 13.04 Ringtail, during fullscreen video playback, I'm seeing a black line at the very top of the screen where the Menu bar is normally (see screen shot). It's happening on Totem, GnomePlayer,...
  14. [ubuntu] Canon Pixma iP3000 printer driver for 12.10/13.04

    Recently ditched Windows completely and went "pure Ubuntu." Problem is, now I can't print. Google has not been kind to me while looking for a suitable Canon printer driver for use on Ubuntu...
  15. Unable to export mounted NTFS folders over NFS

    I have several Ubuntu machines, one of which, a former Wndows machine converted to ubuntu, acts as a fileserver. From it, I have several shares available consisting of Minecraft saved games, movies,...
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    2 Game Issues, 2 machines

    On my daughter's laptop, I'm having a problem running AngryBirds under Wine 1.4: As soon as I choose a level to play, it crashes:

    zoya@zoyas-laptop:~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Angry_Birds$ wine...
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