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  1. Re: Ubuntu on hardware with reasonable Graphics support

    I'll dig on the cpu governor issue separately, but thanks for the replies. Wrapping back to the original question, the conclusion I'm going with is that any PC hardware with sufficient CPU (maybe...
  2. Re: Ubuntu on hardware with reasonable Graphics support

    Thanks for the replies; think I'm getting somewhere. First, to clarify my initial question
    To me "Desktop" = A computer which is stationary and sits at my desk (as opposed to a laptop). Mini-PC...
  3. Ubuntu on hardware with reasonable Graphics support

    Hi :)
    I'm looking for a Desktop replacement that will run Ubuntu and offer reasonable graphics support. Specifically what I need is to be able to stream YouTube, hulu, Netflix, things of that...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to restart USB Internal Card Reader?

    By 'dumps the entire card reader', I mean it's the equivalent of ejecting/shutting down/stopping (not sure of the correct word here) the entire USB card reader (not just the SD card for example).
  5. [other] How to recover corrupted SD card (wrong size)?

    So I have a 2GB SD card (typically used for my camera). I tried using it for my new Raspberry Pi (install automatically reformats/partitions/etc) and now it's being reported as a 1GB card (967MB). ...
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    [ubuntu] How to restart USB Internal Card Reader?

    Ubuntu 12.04:
    I have an internal USB card reader (reads SD, compact flash, etc.). When I 'Safely Remove Device' to unmount my SD card, it dumps the entire card reader, not just the SD card. How do...
  7. [ubuntu] Wireless randomly changing names ath0 to wlan0

    Running 12.04 Precise
    When I boot my machine, sometimes my wireless adapter comes up as wlan0, and sometimes it's ath0. It's done this before (changed) but really only when I did a distro upgrade,...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: System crash with pixelation in monitors (image attached)

    Just happened again. Relevant syslog output below. Anything exciting in here?
    FYI, I recently upgraded to Precise, but this crash is the exact same as it's always been.

    What happened:
    I was on...
  9. [ubuntu] System crash with pixelation in monitors (image attached)

    I periodically experience crashes in Ubuntu that look like the attached image with odd sometimes slightly flashing/flickering pixelation in red/blue. Both of my monitors look like this when crash...
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    [ubuntu] Re: USB default icon does not appear on desktop

    I've got the exact same problem. USB drive is there, I can read/write just fine, however the desktop icon looks like a blank document. It does this for several (all?) of my USB drives.

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    [ubuntu] Conky won't read DiskIO stats

    Conky stopped reading Disk IO stats... it just reads 0. It used to work in Hardy, but I upgraded to Jaunty and it stopped working. It's monitoring an mdadm raid array, and I had a few problems with...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Won't wake from suspend/hibernate with mouse/keyboard

    I've got the same problem. The other thread looked like more serious issues with waking from standby. I can put it to Standby, and the power button wakes it fine, but keyboard/mouse will not (it...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Strange DNS problems in karmic

    Can you be a little more specific as to what you did? I'm unfamiliar with the disable option
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    [ubuntu] Re: Amarok plays 1 song and then stops.

    Amorok was playing fine for me, and is now doing this for me as well. I checked the settings and Xine was already selected. phonon-backend-xine and libxine1 were already installed as well.

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    [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu Randomly Freezes

    So I went out and bought some thermal compound and remounted each of the two processors following the directions on the website (including going through a few thermal cycles over...
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    [SOLVED] Ubuntu Randomly Freezes

    I've got 2 Ubuntu (Jaunty) machines at my hosue, and 1 of them will randomly freeze (the other runs awesome). This has been occurring for a couple years now over several releases (Feisty or Gutsy...
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    [ubuntu] Re: System Monitor garbled after update

    My system monitor is still messed up (but only on 1 out of 2 of my Hardy systems). No idea why, but I'm suspecting that it may have something to do with the graphics drivers or something like that. ...
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    [ubuntu] System Monitor garbled after update

    I installed all of the updates (Hardy 8.04) last night through synaptic, and noticed one was for gnome-system-monitor. System Monitor was running fine before this update, and after the screen is...
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    Re: MythTV: MythVideo - Video will not play

    I haven't changed any of this from the default (at least not to my knowledge!):

    Ext - Command - Jse Default Player - Ignore
    txt - (blank) - - Ignore
    log - (blank) - - Ignore
    mpg - Internal...
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    MythTV: MythVideo - Video will not play

    I cannot get any video's to play using MythFrontend.

    I just installed MythTV, MythVideo, & MythMusic on my Gutsy box. I'm able to connect and play the videos in my /var/lib/mythtv/videos folder...
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    Re: upnp server to dsm 320

    I installed MythTV, MythVideo, & MythMusic on a Gutsy machine, and am able to watch all of my movies & music on my D-Link DSM-520. I added a link to my music folder (on another HDD) under the...
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