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    Re: Galago UltraPro BIOS update

    Would you be able to walk us through the process you used to flash the new BIOS?
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    Re: Select files with keyboard?

    ctrl + space works perfectly for me in Ubuntu, but I'm using unity and nautilus. Have you considered using the command line for complex file operations instead?
  3. Re: After Ubuntu 14.04 upgrade, Gnome3 keyboard shortcuts not working

    I'm having the same issue. The odd thing is that it works in a guest session, but not in my main user account. Can anybody confirm whether their guest account has working shortcuts?
  4. Re: Looking at a Galago Ultrapro - Questions for Users

    1. Trackpad works fairly well, but clicks require a good amount of pressure compared to a MacBook trackpad. Tap to click is flawless though, and the trackpad is pretty smooth and decently accurate....
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    [ubuntu] Re: Not shutdown only reset

    This is a BIOS issue, and System76 sent me a fix which took about 10 minutes to install. You'll likely need to contact support for them to send you the necessary fix, but I can confirm that it worked...
  6. [ubuntu] Set global color settings for the entire system?

    I have the Galago Ultrapro, and it's absolutely amazing. I've noticed that the color settings have always been a little too red with the included icc profile, but it's a little too green without it....
  7. Poll: Re: Smart Scopes: Good or bad or just plain horrible

    While I'm really not concerned about privacy issues, I'm absolutely furious that they chose to force these stupid "smart" scopes into the OS, with no simple way to remove them. My dash was...
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    Re: My advice for System76

    Also... ubuntu has an option in keyboard settings to use caps lock as a backspace, just in case you hadn't found it yet.

    Settings > keyboard > layout settings > options... > caps lock key behavior...
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    [SOLVED] Re: 13.10 update ruined installatioin

    It behaves exactly as it should. I decided to revert back to Raring, because this has been a bit of a joke... I really wanted 13.10 to work, but it just didn't do it for me. Now everything is fixed...
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    [SOLVED] Found a fix for black login screen

    Not sure if this is in the right place, but I'm sure this will help at least somebody...

    Edit /etc/init/lightdm.conf

    Right before the following line:

    exec lightdm
    end script

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    [SOLVED] 13.10 update ruined installatioin

    I did the recommended upgrade to 13.10, and it caused a large number of graphical glitches on my machine. I attempted to do a re-install using a live USB, and it failed because I "held broken...
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    Re: Bonobo Extreme (bonx7): is it worth it?

    I'm using a galago ultrapro, and the clickpad was buggy at first, but I can confirm that the latest driver update definitely solved the jumping cursor issue for me... So give driver updates a bit of...
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    [all variants] Re: Galago Ultrapro - interesting bug

    Lol, I wish it was that simple. Nope, I just used caps lock while typing this, but not during my discovery of the bug. I should also mention that the num lock key permanently locks my keyboard into...
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    [all variants] Galago Ultrapro - interesting bug

    So... This is a little confusing, but the numeric keypad doesn't work as it should. The keys are arranged as follows:

    M .

    So when I hold the fn key, I get this:

  15. [SOLVED] Re: How do I manually change Unity panel font color?

    Wow you're amazing.Thanks so much!!
  16. [SOLVED] How do I manually change Unity panel font color?

    I've been using the cyanogen theme found here:

    And I'm trying to change the panel font color to white. I've already tried tinkering with...
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    [SOLVED] Re: pangolin touchpad button: right-click?

    Try a two-finger click or two-finger tap on the touchpad. I'm not sure if the trackpad has a dedicated mouse button, or if it's just a click pad, but the two-finger tap should work properly
  18. Re: Any other System76 Bonobo Extreme 7 (bonx7) users around?

    Hi, I don't have a Bonobo (I'm still waiting on my Galago, in fact), but I think manually changing your audio output should fix it. Open the dash, type "sound", open the sound application, and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: 12.10 ptyhon 3 PIL installation help

    Okay, so I found a bit of a workaround... I switched to 3.2 and installed Pillow for 3.2, and that works. If anybody knows how to install it for 3.3, I'd be very happy :)
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    [ubuntu] 12.10 ptyhon 3 PIL installation help

    Hi, I'm attempting to install the PIL library (and anything else needed to use it properly) in python 3.3, but I'm having trouble finding a way to install it.

    Has anybody had any luck installing...
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Strange quirk in all themes, except for default

    I wasn't aware that themes were that dependent on the GNOME version, I assumed it was mainly dependent on the major releases (2, 3, etc.) for some reason. Oh well, thanks. I'll see if the designer of...
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Strange quirk in all themes, except for default

    Hmm... Makes sense to me. Is there a way to adapt 3.4 themes to 3.6 without having to completely build a theme? This is one of the only dark themes I actually like, but those black bars are getting...
  23. [lubuntu] Re: missing maximize, minimize, close buttons

    I've had something similar happen to me. I'm not much of an expert, but I'd recommend installing the compiz settings manager and see if you somehow disabled window decorations.
  24. [ubuntu] Strange quirk in all themes, except for default

    Hi, I'm running 12.10 GNOME remix, but I've noticed that this works in normal Ubuntu as well. Whenever I change my theme to anything but the default, the right-click menus, along with a few other...
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    [all variants] Re: Cable TV input not working

    Alright, here's the output for sudo lshw:

    description: Mini Tower Computer
    product: Dell DM061 ()
    vendor: Winbond Electronics
    serial: DHRZZC1
    width: 32 bits
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