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    Re: The New Gmail Inbox ! WOW!

    On the flip side i had rules setup to have all my mail arrive in to diff folders and sub folders, now they have added this it is more of a pain for me to go through my e-mail.
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    Re: Has Ubuntu lost it's Ubuntu?

    I used Ubuntu from edition 8, overall by that stage the colour scheme we now see was in use but I must say that the brown colour was not a good ting ascetically at least for myself. I much prefer the...
  3. Re: PS4 OS runs on FreeBSD with GRUB bootloader: leak

    OOOH! :)

    Does this mean that we may get epic Linux ports in future as the developers of games can get it working on BSD? it should not be too bad to port it to Ubuntu/Steam!
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    Re: Ubuntu Linux or Windows 8?

    I am also finding this, I have a dual booted laptop and PC with Ubuntu 13.04 and Windows 8. I am finding myself spending more time in Windows 8 then I would have expected, although i am doing a lot...
  5. Re: Eyeglass Cleaner Ruined My Matte Screen?

    Reading this I am glad I have never used the glasses cleaner I have on my equipment, I always use a cloth soaked in water then squeezed out till its just wet enough that it will not do any damage to...
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    Poll: Re: Which is your main IM network?

    My first networks were MSN, AIM and ICQ. I now tend to use Skype, Google Talk and Facebook chat on occasions these days. I go through phases of using IRC and sometimes use it religiously and at other...
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