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  1. [ubuntu] Re: Complete Freeze on Wireless Network Connect

    Getting the same problem. Running 9.04 and computer crashes when connecting to wireless network. If I stay offline, the computer works great (if you can consider a computer without internet great). :P
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    [ubuntu] Re: Linksys WMP110 Freezing

    Same problem here. 9.04 freezes when connecting to wireless network.
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    [ubuntu] Re: need help connecting to wireless

    You can't expect to get an answer in less than 8 hours.
    BTW: I am having the same problem. I have no clue how to fix it.
  4. [ubuntu] Re: PLEASE HELP - lots of problems with game () and video drivers

    What are you using to run L4D? This may give a little insight...
    Left 4 Dead Demo (Slowness Abound for Linux users)
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    [ubuntu] Re: DVD R/W Read error

    The disc drive may just be broken. I have a few drives that can write data but not read it and vice-versa. Maybe put another CD drive in your computer and see if that one works?
  6. Poll: Re: How many Computers do you have and what OS is on each one ?

    7 Desktops. 3 Laptops. 1 Handheld thingy.

    XP (2x)
    Red Hat
    Vista (hate it)
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    [ubuntu] ndiswrapper - Can't configure network

    I finally fixed my ndiswrapper installation and got it to recognize my wireless usb adapter. Now I need to configure the network for my SSID and for WPA.

    When I click the "Configure Network" at...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Wireless Driver is installed but I can't use it?

    Okay, I tried all of the drivers I have. My chipset is 0bda:8189 (Realtek) but nothing I download works. I looked here

    but it...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: How do you change the Ubuntu Loading screen?

    You should've tried this first:

    I've gone through the trouble of searching for you:
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    [ubuntu] Re: only have a command line

    Have you already installed Ubuntu? After the installation, you may have told Ubuntu to boot into text mode instead of graphic mode, thus giving you a command line. Personally, I used the command line...
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    [ubuntu] Re: A few simple problems

    For the 404 error, what specific things are you trying to download? Try entering the links via your web browser and manually downloading the files. You may have entered the link wrong :/ . There...
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Wireless Driver is installed but I can't use it?

    I'm sorry, I neglected to say that I have already modprobe'd it and dumprep -a'd it. I think that's all I've done so far (I'm writing down my steps to keep as a reference) so if you could provide a...
  13. [ubuntu] Wireless Driver is installed but I can't use it?

    I finally got ndiswrapper installed and working properly. I used the "ndiswrapper -i driver.inf" command to install the Windows98 driver for my TrendNet Wireless Usb Adapter (TEW-424UB firmw-3.1)....
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