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  1. Re: Cannot install Steam on Ubuntu 18.04

    I do not know if my graphics drivers have been updated. I am using a laptop, so I am not sure what the command is to tell the difference between a discrete and integrated graphics card. Is there...
  2. Re: Cannot install Steam on Ubuntu 18.04

    I did. This was mentioned in the OP, "i386 is listed under foreign architectures."

    EDIT: Also, for the external links, multiarch-support is already up to date, and I've been trying to add :i386...
  3. Cannot install Steam on Ubuntu 18.04

    I had originally installed Steam on 16.10, then upgraded to 18.04. I've been using another computer for Steam for a while and this is the first time I've attempted to use Steam on this computer...
  4. Really weird hidden dash bug involving OpenJDK and Minecraft

    All right, since this is related to Minecraft, I thought I'd post this here, in the Gaming and Leisure subforum. I'm pretty sure my problem is unique.

    I'm using OpenJDK 7 to play Minecraft, in...
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