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    Re: Stripped down server for QEMU KVM

    wouldn't it make more sense to start with mini.iso (netinstall) and then add what is needed?

    i did that with the first Debian server. but after the USB stopped working (yeah i put it on a small...
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    Re: RX 5600XT unable to install Ubuntu

    Ubuntu 19.10?

    also note the kernel used in the test.
  3. Re: intel 4000 hd grphic card problem ....

    size can mean different resolution is set. you still didn't answer what happens when you copy and paste the commands you were given.

    sudo apt install mesa-utils

    type in your password when...
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    Re: Cant download steam HELP

    well, just in case the OP is just using Stylo phone as modem, wi-fi hot spot or in general for internet access, then all they need to do is to install steam that is found in ubuntu software center....
  5. Re: NVIDIA driver installed many times but system keeps reverting to llvmpipe

    looks like something else is using dpkg. check the processes -
    top or htop (in console)
    or use system monitor

    make sure everything is turned off and try again. the simplest solution is the...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Will Encrypting Ubuntu on a Dual-Boot Break Windows?

    college requires windows 10 for what? if i went to study today i would get a laptop with 8 or 16GB ram and load windows in virtualbox. where i studied the only thing i would have needed windows for...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Partition hdd

    gparted will make the partitions. you can create partition and give it volume name of your choice or you can separate home and root (which would be kind of similar to separating my documents and...
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    Re: What works best

    is it a 32bit CPU? if so then try MX linux or antiX.

    otherwise any version should be ok. but i would go with lighter one, specifically the kind that doesn't need hardware acceleration for desktop...
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    Re: internet services - i'm curious

    work ISP
    the company smartphone (different ISP)
    home ISP

    i don't own a smartphone myself, otherwise i might have 4 ISPs.
  10. [ubuntu] Re: f11 + f12 keys not working with fn key


    below the asus answer is the troubelshooting procedure. it is basically indentifying what happens...
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    Re: Ubuntu and Wine - where is it?

    i found a couple of work arrounds, but i can't confirm it work with older wine version since i didn't need them. and i am not convinced they are needed anyway, because newer version are often better...
  12. Re: i want to create a private messaging platform

    so if it's like email and forums is this public or private? forums are public, emails are private.

    this sounds something like Microsoft Teams.

    will this be super private? is this something like...
  13. Re: Best way to share docs between desktop and laptop?

    i found that post it note sticks to it more tightly (use the the upper part of the note), then you can wrap it with scotch tape to protect the ink. it works rather well.
  14. [ubuntu] Re: LibreOffice Impress freezes my system

    open it via teminal to see any errors popping up. well the last error will be on frozen screen.
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    Re: Gimp, Latest Version

    you could also open software sources in software center and then add this new source to it. after software center update the new version will appear in software center for oyu ot pull down.

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    Re: Apps for doing Research in Linux

    well depends on what kind of research you do.i needed something like PSPP, but it needs to develop more.
  17. Re: New PC: Ryzen 5 2400G and Gigabyte B450 M a good choice?

    so HDMI output works in BIOS and possibly GRUB but not in (desktop) Ubuntu?

    i would boot to text mode if possible and troubleshoot from there. just curious - does it work if you boot with...
  18. Re: Ubuntu and Windows Active Directory

    Canonical says its automated and effortless process:

    they constantly advertise the ease of the process on linkedin, so i guess there must be...
  19. Re: Ubuntu 18.04 Nvidia driver 440 black screen on boot.

    is kernel the latest one now?

    is the output maybe going to some other exit on the GPU card? i have older chip and sometimes output would land on TV instead of on the monitor.
  20. [kubuntu] Re: Steam for Linux games freeze laptop and make screen flicker

    this indicates a hardware issue.

    can you maybe upgrade BIOS?

    as for OS you could try new LTS 20.04 (still in beta), as it has newer kernel.
  21. Re: Ubuntu 18.04.4 with Nvidia gtx 1650 super

    my kid has the normal GTX 1650 (not the super) and all we did was install recommended drivers via PPA to 18.04.3 (which was the latest version at the install time).
    he has Ryzen CPU with no GPU on...
  22. Re: Running two apps in the same Wine session

    interesting. well you owuld definitelly need ot install them in same prefix. wine is not an emulator so both will run in linux anyway (if they are supported).

    you could maybe run them at the same...
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    Re: which search machines are good.

    that is true. but it also often gives wrong results or filters results in a wrong way. so the first hits are not necessarily the correct ones. and the first results are often "sponsored" and can be...
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    Re: which search machines are good.

    google finds it because you visited the article before and google knows about that. so it would often find what it thinks you are looking for. which can be a problem if that is not what you are...
  25. Thread: Oh Snap!

    by mastablasta

    Re: Oh Snap!

    - larger packages for application (so app get's bigger in size).
    - certain things need to be running and loaded. as i understand this increases boot time and potentially burdens the system with...
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