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  1. Re: Styles Introducing QGtkStyle, Qt with Gtk looks.

    I'm having the exact same problem as klerfayt:

    ~/Desktop/qgtkstyle/gtkstyle$ qmake

    ~/Desktop/qgtkstyle/gtkstyle$ make
    g++ -c -pipe -fpermissive -g -fvisibility=hidden...
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    Re: Mount samba shares with utf8 encoding using cifs


    My problem with cifs mount is that it won't resolve netbios names. It tries to resolve using dns instead and gets the wrong addresses. I fixed this problem for smbclient by changing smb.conf...
  3. [all variants] Netbios name resolution for mount -t cifs

    I'm trying to get a newly installed Ubuntu 8.04 machine on my home network. Apparently, NetBIOS name resolution is working for some parts of the samba suite and not for other parts of it....
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