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  1. Re: Desperate Husband gonna install on X205TA...

    If that so, you are totally right. Unfortunately I have to use it first for my work, then she will take over. But now it doe not matter. I only work under linux environment.
    One other thing to...
  2. Re: Desperate Husband gonna install on X205TA...

    thanks for the vivid discussion. But I have to point out that to persuade a person, you must know his/her personality and request. She needs a lightweight and cheap machine for typing and surfing, so...
  3. Re: Desperate Husband gonna install on X205TA...

    First of all, thanks for providing these threads but that's why I feel desperate... At least I know the audio is an issue. Oh man, you're my savior. I guess I could expect 16.04 LTS solved this...
  4. Re: What was your reaction the first time you used Linux/Ubuntu?

    Now I see what's enjoying you retirement. Man you deserve my worship.
    I started by using Ubuntu 7.04. I love the old days with simple Ubuntu 10.04. Unfortunately, Since new OS have better support...
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    Re: What year did you start PC gaming?

    Same, I started by playing Doom and Wing Commander 2. Awesome games. I am already 31 and now plays World of Warship randomly. Yes, as a father and husband you don't get time for gaming. When my kids...
  6. Desperate Husband gonna install on X205TA...

    Hi folks,

    I don't know where to put this, probably Cafe is a good choice.

    I and my wife is going to buy a new laptop to replace our 10/8 years old machines. Her requests are light and less...
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    Re: What happened to Ubuntu?

    Maybe "Hate ubuntu" is too heavy. "Hate Unity" might be a corrected sentence. By years of using Ubuntu (7.04 for months, 10.04 for 4 years, and 12.04 for 1 year), trying to roll with Archlinux,...
  8. Re: China switching from MS to Kylin Ubuntu

    I not so optimistic about that. The question is, if they really want to promote or cost down via Linux, or using Linux for negotiation with Microsoft?

    After EEEPC from ASUS was mounted with their...
  9. Re: What is your killer Windows app/ app you simply can't be without in Linux?

    Autocad. For a professional usage, Autocad make my day.
    But since I don't need to create any 3D lines, I am totally fine with SketchUp on WINE.
    Then, game is the only reason why I didn't delete my...
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    Re: Could i run Ubuntu on this?

    I've just done that weeks ago. Installing crunchbang is not harder than Ubuntu...maybe more boring since there no slogans and nice pictures to see. The problem is the laptop which maybe too old, like...
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    Poll: Re: Which Ubuntu flavour do you prefer?

    Ubuntu, Lucid Lynx. Ubuntu 12.04...w/o unity...:-o
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    Re: For LTS users.

    I already do that for my HP laptop. I have to say among these DEs I've tried, KDE, GNOME3, Enlightment, Cinammon, Openbox, I like MATE the best. I confess that I am an old-style guy who really don't...
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    Re: How many of you completely switched to Linux?

    I switch to full Linux environment since 2010, after I graduated from my master. Since then, my resume for PhD job, report, fancy-flexible plots are all made by Linux (Ubuntu 10.04).

    The reason...
  14. Re: Panel style changed & panel failure (U 10.04.4)

    I just solved it by my own.
    The main problem is the libxml is not upgraded yet, hence the gnome-applets is not working fine and kept showing that "broken package".

    The solution for my problem...
  15. Re: Panel style changed & panel failure (U 10.04.4)

    Surely, no. The only thing I custom for the Desk Environment, is adding some default applets.

    I can say that it's like a totally default environment.
  16. Re: Panel style changed & panel failure (U 10.04.4)

    Thanks for reminding this, now it shows
    "warning: subprocess old post-removal script returned error exit status 245"


    "dpkg: error while cleaning up:
    subprocess new post-removal script...
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    Poll: Re: How old is your main home PC in 2013

    Mine is ASUS S5200A, producted before 2006.
    After 2010, I change the os to Ubuntu 10.04 due to that the fat-laggy Windows XP SP3 can't work fine. Everything on that old-laptop is fine, I even used...
  18. Panel style changed & panel failure (U 10.04.4)

    Hi all,

    I met a long-time-ago-but-not-yet-solved problem, the panel failure. It's like after restarting from update, I got a lot of "X widget is has quit unexpectedly" and "The panel encountered a...
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    [ubuntu] Re: can I run dual displays like this?

    This is really wired. Hope there will be another expert to answer this question.

    Here is my opinion.

    Did you try using another LCD monitor (from friends, perhaps) to "try and error"? If you...
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    [lubuntu] Re: how to run exe file in ubuntu 12.04

    Hi, sunil5
    I am guessing that you're trying to install the USB modem by its .exe setup file. If so, of course that will fail.
    I have found a post by Google:...
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    [ubuntu] Re: can I run dual displays like this?

    So, do you mean:
    When startup : CRT up, 27" down
    During Usage : CRT down, 27" up
    Shutting Down: CRT up, 27" down
    Are you able to set up the monitors through "Monitors" in setup?

    My only...
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    [ubuntu] The printing window pop out.

    Hi, I just encounter a problem but I dont know how to fix. I am using Ubuntu 10.04.3 64 bit.
    Recently when I try to configure my printer from "System -> Administration -> Printing", I was not able...
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