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    [ubuntu] Nautilus network:/// times out

    I have a fresh install of 12.10 with stock everything, and attempting to browse network or go to network:/// or smb:/// in Nautilus errors out with a timeout. It won't recognize shares on the host...
  2. [lubuntu] fglrx on 5800k in 3d causing memory failures

    I have a fresh media center pc build with an a10-5800k and some corsair 2133 ram. At the XMP profile, with stock speed, memtest86 and memtest86+ have passed runs for 6 hours and ~10 runs each. The...
  3. [lubuntu] Nautilus segfaulting and nemo-share timing out

    After doing a fresh 12.10 install on an A10-5800k media center pc, Nautilus started segfaulting after a reboot whenever it was started (often it wouldn't even show anything). A GDB said it was...
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