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  1. [xfce] Re: Compiled conky but can not remove compiled version of conky

    A solution i found as there is no way to 'make uninstall' after the makefile has been created is to uninstall conky-std or conky-all or conky, all of them if you have any one of them installed. then...
  2. [xfce] Compiled conky but can not remove compiled version of conky

    Hi i have installed conky 1.10.4 that i have downloaded from github and it does not work as i want it to. it has no cairo or lua binding. how can i uninstall it? There is no way to uninstall using...
  3. Re: amazon instant video not working on Ubuntu 15.10 Firefox

    Chrome stream SD content but no HD content!! Something to do with hdcp!
  4. [ubuntu] HD graphics not looking HD on ati HD 8570D

    HI, i have recently won a BUSH LED24265dvdcntd tv in a raffle. However the HD graphics is unclear and grainy! I have an AMD ATI HD 8570 D graphics card with the ati fglrx updates (proprietory) driver...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Missing plug in and Shockwave Flash

    Hi had the same problem on a friends pc! installed flash aid and ran the wizard! flash didn't work in either chrome,chromium or Firefox 13. download google-chrome-stable which never launched!
  6. [xubuntu] Re: bugs in getting some things to play in gmusicbrowser

    To add extra codecs please read and look for the xubuntu link on this page!

    Also ffmpeg may help with music streaming! Search for it in the...
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    [SOLVED] Re: compiz stopped working after xorg update

    snakeplizzken a new update has been released! Update using update should sort it!!

    Percipitous try installing compizconfig settings manager from synaptics package manager! then go to...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: I need a straight forward remote connection method.

    Team Viewer is a good easy to setup graphical way! ssh is good if you can get it working on both your sisters machine server and yours the client. Although i am having problems with ssh myself at the...
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    [ubuntu] ssh not connecting

    Hi i have two ubuntu machines desktop 10.04 and laptop 11.04. On the desktop that i have set up openssh- server and on the laptop openssh-client. when ever i try the

    ssh ipaddress


  10. [ubuntu] Re: problems after enabling desktop cube aspire one

    To reinstate unity back to previous working order, login as ubuntu from login screen

    Press CRt-Alt + T to open a terminal

    then use this code to open compiz configuration windows manager

  11. [ubuntu] Re: Unity toolbar crashes after enabling descktop cube

    To get unity back to previous working order, reboot in ubuntu mode from log in.

    Open a terminal Crt-Alt + T then type:


    reselect unity plugin in the compiz manager window and reboot >...
  12. [ubuntu] Compaq presario v5000 keyboard touchpad problems

    Hi i have been having keyboard problems on the compaq presario v 5000. the problem just suddenly started! the keys would not would when pressed! the touchpad wouldn't work at all. I plugged in a usb...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Internet Sharing - I hit a snag

    Having the same problem with firestarter. It's as if network manager 0.7 is only allowing one connection to internet, sharing is not allowed. I tried using gadmin to set up dhcp server. But still...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Simultaneous Ethernet and Mobile Broadband

    I am also using mobile bb and having the same problems sharing it across a network, network manager seems to be defaulting wired eth0 to gain a connection from an old BT hub. Where as i, like you...
  15. [ubuntu] Re: network a bt hub for file sharing without need for internet

    No simple yes or no answers for this question? then i could go on my merry way.
  16. [ubuntu] network a bt hub for file sharing without need for internet

    Is it possible to use a Bt home hub for file sharing over a wireless network without the need for BT broadband? I would also like to use my existing mobile broadband. Can this be routed through the...
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