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  1. Poll: Re: What kind of physical exercise do you perform ?

    I play basketball with the students at my university for an hour or two every day.

    In the past I've been into road cycling, trail running/hiking and powerlifting.

    Would like to get into...
  2. Thread: Laptop buying

    by drawkcab

    Re: Laptop buying

    Lenovo usually has very nice 12" 14" and 15" thinkpads available on their website and, if you're patient, they periodically run very nice sales on their gear.
  3. Re: Mint 12 on usb-stick resets everything after a restart.

    If you set up your live usb with unetbootin, then no.

    Best way around this is to set it up within ubuntu using their live usb creation tool which automatically sets up a persistence file.

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    Re: Games performance unpredictable on Linux?

    You have optimus hybrid graphics which is an intel card paired with an nvidia card. In windows it switches between the two to conserve power. Even the most advanced proprietary drivers don't really...
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    Re: What books are you reading right now?

    Either/Or v1 is a treat although I've never made it to the second volume. Went straight to Fear and Trembling.
  6. Re: I'm Destroyed, totally, totally disappointed in this ver.

    My advice is to manually partition your drives during installation rather that trust things to ubiquity. I've dual-booted off and on for about 10 years and never had a problem.
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    Re: ultralight laptop

    One of my primary criteria is durability and almost all the ultrabooks fall short. I drag a 12" Lenovo Thinkpad with an ssd around because its small, ergonomic, efficient, inexpensive and built like...
  8. Re: Any good search engines and news ‪aggregator‬?

    Get an application that aggregates your news and then set up the rss feeds from the sources you that you want.
  9. Thread: Pear Linux

    by drawkcab

    Re: Pear Linux

    Never really liked this one although I get they're going for users who want a mac-like experience.
  10. Re: Help with this Xubuntu based distro: Voyager 12.10

    I was initially impressed with voyager but it became old very quickly.
  11. Thread: Which Laptop?

    by drawkcab

    Re: Which Laptop?

    As others have said, get a Thinkpad instead. They're awesome and IBM customer service is extraordinary.
  12. Re: Counter-Strike: GO Might Soon Be Out On Linux

    Counterstrike Source runs really well, was just playing de_aztec a second ago.
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    Re: How many PPAs do you have enabled ?

    More than a few...mostly to enable multimedia support on certain machines as well as a few apps that I need.
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    Re: Ubuntu Alienware gameing machine.

    I tend to agree with these folks only in the sense that it's a little early to push Ubuntu as a gaming platform with so few games on Steam.

    On the other hand I think these machines appeal to more...
  15. Re: Gubuntu Petition to Canonical on behalf of Business Owners and Superusers everywh

    Yeah, do it yourself!

    That said, I'm not really sure Gnome Shell is going to satisfy you. Sounds like you're clamoring for a Gnome 2.x or Mate spin.
  16. Re: Steam games "preparing to launch" then nothing

    Sometimes Steam just needs to be restarted in order for an update to install. Sometimes it just needs to be restarted for my games to launch.

    Either way, having the best proprietary driver...
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    Re: Selling a low end netbook

    Repurpose it as others have suggested or give it to someone who needs a computer but can't afford one.
  18. Poll: Re: What sort of Music lets you concentrate better?


    Unless I'm reading Nietzsche, then I need Viking Metal.
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    Re: Any vapers out there

    I've been thinking about upgrading to a tank/mod system for regular use. I really don't care what the thing looks like so long as I can get a nic hit when I need it. I'm kind of tired of the...
  20. [ubuntu] Re: Eee pc 4gb was Linux, now Win XP. I want to reinstall Linux but no option to boot

    I would recommend the version of Puppy Linux based on Ubuntu 12.04:

    My only issue with puppy is that it is pretty sparse. Yeah, it has an extremely small...
  21. Re: Help me find an (ultra) portable gaming laptop

    Fair warning, optimus is more than a bit fidgety with the new kernel and doesn't work with hdmi out.

    I would wait a few months if not a year to see how support for optimus shapes up.
  22. [ubuntu] Re: Eee pc 4gb was Linux, now Win XP. I want to reinstall Linux but no option to boot

    Ok, I'm an owner of a 900a and I've had 32948203950602934 versions of linux installed on it.

    1. Upgrade your drive. 4gb is extremely limiting. You can do one of two things. First, upgrade the...
  23. [ubuntu] Re: Is there a theme or environment that works for an HTPC?

    You can download and install gnome shell and the advanced settings (gnome tweak) tool directly from the software center. Just log into it from the greeter.

    Here is where you get your extensions:...
  24. [ubuntu] Re: Is there a theme or environment that works for an HTPC?

    I agree with you. I'm typing this on my tv while lying on my couch listening to the news. I've asked this question many times without much of a response. Nonetheless, here's what I do:

    1. ...
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    Re: Help in finding netbook worthy distros

    I like Ubuntu but with the unity 2d in 12.04. Here are some others worth trying on that hardware:

    linux mint debian edition (xfce)
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