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    Re: Problem with razercfg

    Hey mate,

    6 months on... but if you (or anyone else) still need the program - this is probably the issue:

    So make...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: Nvidia 610m Optimus Hybrid--no desktop after installation?

    I made the same "mistake" - went and bought the EeeBox EB1033 thinking that some people had Linux up and running on it and that I should be right... NOPE!

    I've got Ubuntu 13.04 installed and for...
  3. Re: Guide: Powerware 5110 UPS monitoring/auto shutdown in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid

    Necro reply: I just followed my first post but using Ubuntu 12.04 and it works perfectly :p
  4. [SOLVED] Re: How to Access Online Accounts Unbuntu 12.04

    Hey mate,

    You can access it by running a terminal or pressing ALT+F2 and then entering:

    gnome-control-center online-accounts

    Hope that sorts it for you. ;)
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    [SOLVED] Re: Nautilus "shortcuts" in 12.04

    I love how we are consigned to no longer having a choice in simple things like this... it drives me mad :mad:
  6. [ubuntu] Help with lirc on Creative Audigy2 ZS Platinum Pro [SOLVED].

    EDIT: OH MY GOD I FIXED IT! Turns out I had copy > pasted some code from online and as such had quotation marks in the config rather than "....!!!!! ARRRRGHHH! So glad it was so simple though and...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: Setup Guide: ASUS U36Jc - Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha3 64-bit

    I think for any future updates, they should be added to the Wiki/Community Help page for the U36Jc:

    If I get some time over the next few days I'll...
  8. [ubuntu] Re: Setup Guide: ASUS U36Jc - Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha3 64-bit

    I don't really want to run bumblebee/etc on my laptop just yet - if someone is willing to write up some more detailed instructions in the format of my first post - I will happily merge them :)
  9. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 10.04 AMD64 - Samba / SFTP Clients Slow...

    Hi everyone,

    Mid-term member who's usually managed to solve his own problems and help people out - but I'm hoping someone can help me with my woes this time!

    Basically whenever I am...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Setup Guide: ASUS U36Jc - Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha3 64-bit

    Yes the Intel GPU is perfectly fine with Compiz effects, no slowdown/lag at all - very smooth and snappy.

    If you are going to dual-boot with Windows, grab the U36Jc. At least then you can still...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Setup Guide: ASUS U36Jc - Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha3 64-bit

    Please be careful with this. I have actually omitted the part where you figure out which ACPI call to use to switch off the GPU since this guide is intended only for the U36Jc.

    If anyone reading...
  12. [ubuntu] Setup Guide: ASUS U36Jc - Ubuntu 11.04 64-bit

    I know there are other guides out there for the U36Jc but I thought I'd post this up to help those who really want to be on the bleeding edge running Ubuntu 11.04.

    The guide applies to 64-bit...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Samba/Win7 and Ubuntu

    Do you have the windows live sign in assistant installed by any chance?
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    Re: Advice: Which cheap netbook to choose?

    The 1001PX has issues with Wireless in Ubuntu. See here:

    This may be fixed in the future however :popcorn:
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    [ubuntu] Re: GUI monitoring for server

    sudo apt-get install htop

    Sweet as :P
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    [ubuntu] Re: UPS Powerware 5110 NUT installation

    Hey guys, you might want to try out my guide here - works perfectly in Lucid. Not sure about Karmic yet- I might give that a go tomorrow :)
  17. Guide: Powerware 5110 UPS monitoring/auto shutdown in Ubuntu 12.04

    The information in this thread has been moved to

    A thread for discussion of the wiki page only can be found here...
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    Re: Ubuntu Concept Design

    Mark Shuttleworth, Jane Silber, hire this guy NOW please!

    :popcorn: :D
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    [ubuntu] Re: Make changes in Alsamixer permanent.

    sudo alsamixer
    sudo alsactl store


    alsactl store
  20. [mythbuntu] Re: I Lost My Original Mountpoints After Adding New Hard Drive

    There's probably an easier way to do this - but you need to associate the UUIDs with the mount points you want...

    One way to do this is open up GPartEd. Select the drive from the dropdown list on...
  21. [mythbuntu] Re: I Lost My Original Mountpoints After Adding New Hard Drive

    You should mount via UUID so that no matter the order of the drive (if it changes or you add other drives, etc) - it will always mount in the same spot. i.e.:

  22. [all variants] Re: [GUIDE] Canon MX700 Printer Install (tested with 9.04, 9.10 Alpha 6)

    Hey mate. If you look at the guide, you'll notice at the top you need some pre-installation files:

    Where I said to cd into the downloaded files directory, I'm saying to change directory in...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Can't get VNC connection to work

    Hey, I'm not sure what your disabilities are - but it's not hard or time consuming. I'm just trying to help you out and stop you from getting frustrated!

    Install it with the command above and run...
  24. [SOLVED] Re: VNC not tunnelling over SSH correctly Ubuntu 9.1

    Hrmm that's interesting - the commands by Krunge look very similar to:

    ;) :p
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    Re: Google voice and video chat

    Google themselves are promoting other clients for support on other OSes (at least at the present time):

    Do you know the timeframe for release of...
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