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    Re: Problem with cron scheduling

    The format of the examples you have given look fine. Here are 2 thoughts.

    Perhaps you are editing the file directly rather than via 'crontab -e', in which case cron would not receive a signal...
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    Re: windows 10 necessary in Virtualbox?

    If your sole objective is to run Ubuntu inside Virtualbox as per your first sentence, then there is no need to install Windows in a separate Virtualbox VM. There can be reasons for choosing to do...
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    Re: cant use x11 from one account

    This ought to do it:

    AccountA$ chmod go=r ~/.Xauthority # Allow AccountB to copy this file
    AccountA$ su AccountB
    AccountB$ cp ~AccountA/.Xauthority ~
  4. [SOLVED] Re: Getting a simple AST working in Python

    For a program you need data structures and algorithm. You've made a start at some data structures but you are lacking an algorithm. Choose an algorithm...
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    [SOLVED] Re: git over ssh with non-default port

    Thanks. That's helpful so I can now do:

    $ git clone myalias:/path/to/repo.git

    but that still didn't work - same timeout error.

    It turns out that for this server, the URL must have a...
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    [SOLVED] git over ssh with non-default port

    We've recently changed hosting provider and are having trouble getting git working.

    ssh works with authorized_keys so:

    $ ssh user@myhost -p NNNNN

    works, giving me a shell (albeit a...
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    Re: pthread creation

    We would need to see some code in order to be able to determine why it is not doing what you expect. However, as I understand it, when a pthread exits, it does not raise any signal, nor does it when...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: Increased virtual disk size not seen by guest

    The reason the new size wasn't recognised appears to be because there was a snapshot of the VM. Removing the snapshot has solved the problem.
  9. [SOLVED] Re: Increased virtual disk size not seen by guest

    Format: vdi, Dynamically allocated storage. as per OP. Are you suggesting that resizing a dynamically sized vdi doesn't work?
  10. [SOLVED] Re: Increased virtual disk size not seen by guest

    Thanks for your replies. However, Windows sees the disk (not the partition) as still only 100GB. Therefore there is no free space into which to expand the partition. Thinking that this might be a...
  11. [SOLVED] Increased virtual disk size not seen by guest

    The host system is Ubuntu Studio 20.04. This hosts a Windows 10 VM with 100GB disk which I want to increase to 150GB.

    I have done:

    VBoxManage modifyhd Win10Dev64-disk002.vdi --resize 150000
  12. [ubuntu] Re: Is a User written program re-entrant across multiple users in linux

    There would be only one copy of the code segment in memory. However, I'm not sure what you mean by reentrant. What I understand by that is:
  13. Re: No longer own .dbus after attempted upgrade

    Beaten to it.
  14. Re: This MySQL server doesn't support dates later than 2038

    Is that your system time? If so, can't you set it to something more realistic?
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    [ubuntu] Re: Crontab not executing my script

    Welcome to the forums. Pasting output between CODE tags is preferred to external links to images.

    "/5" is not a valid format for the minute field. If you want the job to run at 5 past the hour...
  16. Re: Ubuntu Studio 20.04 problems with crontab

    Everything you mention is completely normal on Studio 20.04. What makes you think there is a problem?

    If you need some reassurance, the CRON messages in auth.log will match with CRON messages in...
  17. Re: No internet at all after using a live linux distribution (Tail)

    Typo. It should be modprobe not modprob.
  18. Re: [Help] ADA-GPS aggregate project setup

    Your tree structure mentions .gpr files. Your use statement refers to .grp files. gpr != grp.
  19. Re: Are pre-installed apps on Ubuntu 20.04 desktop secure?

    Isn't this new thread just a duplicate of yesterday's ?
  20. Thread: mysqldump

    by spjackson

    [ubuntu] Re: mysqldump

    That first line asks for the script to be run once every minute from 02:00 AM until 02:59 AM. That seems a bit odd... but if that's what you intend then ok.
    Please elaborate on "this...
  21. [SOLVED] Re: Rsync over ssh - failed: permission denied

    Is /backups/storage-mnt a native Linux filesystem, i.e. not Fat32, NTFS etc.?
    How is it mounted?
    Can you write to Projects? e.g.

    ssh remtusr@ /usr/bin/touch...
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    [ubuntu] Re: How to install MySQL?

    I'm assuming this is Ubuntu Studio 19.10 and not 9.10. The following works for me.
    1. Get credentials from /etc/mysql//debian.conf
    2. Start mysql using those credentials.
    3. Then

  23. Re: Java app works on 19.04 but not 19.10

    The default jre in both 19.04 and 19.10 is openjdk-11-jre, i.e. java 11. See and
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    Re: creating a pthread

    glibc's malloc is thread safe. I think that mallocs that you are likely to come across in this day and age will be thread safe. It is guaranteed to be in C11 (but not in C99).

    You will not...
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    Re: creating a pthread

    pthread_create succeeds, then immediately you return from main. returning from main terminates all running threads and stops your program. So your mt function never gets chance to print its message,...
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