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    Re: Recommended laptop for ubuntu

    I would choose a laptop based on its physical specifications like size and weight. Most laptops from mainstream manufacturers will run Linux without a problem. If I were to buy another laptop these...
  2. [ubuntu] Re: dhcp only launches correctly after booting from windows

    You could try running Xubuntu in a VirtualBox virtual machine. See for details.
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    Re: sending large picture files

    If you accept the defaults in GIMP, it will scale the picture proportionally along both axes. Type a number like 400 in the width box from the Image > Scale Image dialog and the height will adjust...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: I need to create a empty directory as my computer has both SSD and HDD. How to do

    I suggest an entirely different approach.

    Install VirtualBox for Windows on your Win10 machine. Download an installation disk image like this one for regular Ubuntu, or this one for a popular...
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    [xubuntu] Re: Lost sound and internet suddenly

    I'd run "sudo apt autoremove" first, if you haven't done so recently.
  6. [ubuntu] Re: dhcp only launches correctly after booting from windows

    All I can think of is that you're running some kind of firewall on the Ubuntu side which keeps packets from being sent to

    Is this a vanilla installation, or did you add some rules...
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    Re: Help with DNS and dnsmasq please

    To get Linux systems to resolve "unqualified" names like "myhost", you need to add a search parameter to /etc/resolv.conf that points to the domain name. Usually you can get the DHCP server to push...
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    [xubuntu] Re: Dell SAS controller

    Let's start by making sure the card is recognized. Is it listed if you run "lspci" in a terminal?

    I've not used a Dell with an outboard card. I have built servers on Dells with an embedded...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: dhcp only launches correctly after booting from windows

    I'd start by running

    sudo dhclient -v
    and see if it reports any errors. If you have multiple network interfaces, add the interface name that points to the DHCP server (e.g., enp4s0, wlp2s0,...
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    Re: Mount point ?

    I seem to recall someone posting here about file access issues using the snap for GIMP. One reason why I avoid all snaps.
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    Re: Hosting Providers

    You can lease an entire virtual server from Linode for $5/month. You'd have to set up your own email system, of course, but it sounds like you would know how to do that. There are a few web-based...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Need some help installing a file

    If you are in the same directory as the script, you need to precede the filename with "./" like this:

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    [server] Re: sharing samba users

    One trick I've used in the past is to run Samba with the "force user" and "force group" options. This tells Samba to use a specific user or...
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    Re: Microsoft Teams For Ubuntu?

    Unless it's open-source, which seems unlikely, it won't be in the repositories.
  15. Re: Ubuntu Server 20 - How to assign a domain name?

    Do you want to access this server from its public address? Seems like a bad idea to me from a security perspective. At a minimum, run plex on a different port than its default.

    I assume this...
  16. Re: Developing HTML/PHP files with Emacs ...

    I've used the Emacs clone jed for many years now. It also has syntax highlighting and other goodies for PHP code. jed is in the Ubuntu repositories.

    Having an editor that keeps track of open...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: Setting up open media share. guide wanted.

    If your primary application is media sharing, I suggest using minidlna. It uses the DLNA method and works with most any device you have. On Android, for instance, you can use BubbleUPnP as the DLNA...
  18. Re: Will Ubuntu shut down if UPS battery level gets too low?

    Like much Linux software, there's little to distinguish between server and workstation applications. You can run apcupsd on either.
  19. Re: Will Ubuntu shut down if UPS battery level gets too low?

    sudo apt install apcupsd

    From the manual page:

    If you have networked Linux PCs, the daemon can be configured to notify the other systems on the network to shut down as well.
  20. [ubuntu] Re: For long term storage purposes which is better, an external SSD or Thumb-drive?

    I back up my local and remote servers to a 4 TB USB external drive. Been working flawlessly for a couple of years now.
  21. [ubuntu] Re: Need help to reduce size of virtualised Raid1 Disk

    Names like /dev/sdX refer to disks, originally SCSI disks but now expanded to include SATA. (The older disk format before SATA appears as /dev/hdX.)

    Names like /dev/mdX refer to RAID arrays...
  22. Re: adding raid 1 to existing server. ( what next)

    Is that the UUID for your array found using "sudo blkid"?

    I use /media/raid as the the mount point for my array. Did you create an empty directory with the same name at the same location? From the...
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    Re: Media sharing files not visible

    How are you sharing the files to the TV? Using a DLNA server like minidlna? Plex? I run minidlna and my LG TV can see and play many of the shared files. There are formats it's not happy with like, I...
  24. Re: adding raid 1 to existing server. ( what next)

    You need to be a lot more careful when typing. It's not "blkdid" but "blkid". Also your /etc/fstab is missing the filesystem and options fields. Here's mine for a RAID array using its UUID:
  25. Re: adding raid 1 to existing server. ( what next)

    fdisk is a utility that is designed to work on entire devices. In Linux, entire disks are designated with names like /dev/sdc. If that disk has partitions, they are designated /dev/sdc1, /dev/sdc2,...
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