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    [lubuntu] Re: Lubuntu manual partitioning

    It is best to choose GUID partition table (GPT) even if our motherboard is BIOS and not UEFI. With MBR partitioning there is a limit to the number of partitions that we can have and a workaround that...
  2. Re: Trying to repair boot (incl. Boot-Repair log)


    And so we all learn. :) We all have stories to tell of our learning experiences.

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    Re: where is Lubuntu going?

    For that matter, when I first downloaded the Ubuntu ISO image it could be burnt to a Read/Write CD. Then things changed and a Read/Write DVD was needed. So, what? My first install of MS-Dos was on a...
  4. Re: I think my Linux experiment is... Over.

    I gave up experimenting with Linux more than 12 years ago when I installed my first version of Ubuntu. That was Ubuntu 7.04. I am still using Ubuntu. I do have a couple of other distributions of...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Problem installing nvidia drivers 390

    What Linux kernel do you have?

    uname -a

    I think there have been problems with the 5.8 kernels and I also think Nvidia drivers have also been connected to some of the problems.

    Can you use...
  6. Re: 20.04 Desktop - Retaining additional kernel versions

    If I understand things correctly, Software Updater removes older kernels when a new one has been installed. But apt update/upgrade does not. We have to use apt autoremove or run Software Updater to...
  7. [ubuntu] Re: apt-get update fails to find security Release and Packages on local mirror

    When I examine my sources.list file I see similarities.

    This looks about right.

    But this looks a different path. Or am I misunderstanding?

    And so does this.
  8. Re: Trying to repair boot (incl. Boot-Repair log)

    I do not mean to be awkward but you have run Boot Repair and obtained a report which you have provide a link to but you also allowed Boot Repair to do a repair. So, what is the situation now? After...
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    Re: PCI Passthrough Success!

    Are you like me mystified as to the topic of this thread?

    Wikipedia didn't enlighten me much. :) But congratulations...
  10. Thread: Mr

    by grahammechanical

    Re: Mr

    I do not have a printer ethernet or WiFi. So I am not speaking from experience. What happens when you open system settings>Printers tab? Does the printer show in the panel. Can you click Add a...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: OEM password after factory reset

    This is the Ubuntu guide for doing an OEM install. It does not help you. The OEM has to set a password. But once clicking that icon Prepare Shipping to End User the next re-boot will allow the...
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    Re: Microsoft Teams For Ubuntu?

    In Ubuntu 20.04 search the Software app for Microsoft and in the list there is Microsoft Teams - Preview. The Universe repository is enabled but not the Canonical Partners repository. This Teams...
  13. Re: How is HDMI audio output detected?

    I think that you need to have a routine for shutdown or hibernation. Decide which monitor is to be on during the boot process or decide that both monitors should be on when booting or coming out of...
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    [ubuntu] Re: migration from 18.04 to 20.04

    This is the official explanation. It is comprehensive and may be too much information for someone who is unfamiliar with upgrading from one Ubuntu LTS version to another.
  15. [ubuntu_mate] Re: Legacy Dual-Boot drive U16.04/W7 - OS undetected

    Please put the hard drive back in the Lenovo, run a Live Session, open GParted and take a screenshot of the hard drive partitions as represented in GParted. Post the screenshot in this thread. We use...
  16. [SOLVED] Re: Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop unusable after running updates

    From the Grub boot menu select Advanced Options for Ubuntu and select an older kernel. The first one on the list might be causing the problem so select a kernel lower down the list and see what...
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    Re: Ubuntu don't boot

    Do you not see the manufacturer's splash screen with its option to load into the UEFI settings utility? Note this advice from Boot Repair

    Have you done that? The Grub boot loader will give you...
  18. Re: Ubuntu 18 not booting after apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

    Did you notice this?

    If Ubuntu is loading but you are seeing the Grub menu and you do not need or want to see the Grub menu because Ubuntu is the only OS then you need to change that setting....
  19. [ubuntu] Re: Ubuntu 20.04 upgraded to kernel 5.8

    Could it be that we are 2 weeks away from the second point release of 20.04 (20.04.2)? Could it be that you have enabled the proposed updates channel in Software & Updates>Developer Options tab. If...
  20. [other] Re: Can I use Ubuntu on my windows 10

    Are you thinking of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)?

  21. Re: How to Reinstall Ubuntu 20.04 without affecting original data

    I have done what has been described above and it does work. As I gain experienced I saw the wisdom of having a partition for root ( / ) and a separate partition for /home. You have to give both...
  22. Re: Will Ubuntu shut down if UPS battery level gets too low?

    This is an old answer to a similar question and I do not know if it is still applicable. We still have deconf Editor installed in Ubuntu and all the settings mentioned in that reply are still there....
  23. Re: Ubuntu unusable due to too small a partition

    There are a few important things to remember when resizing; creating and deleting partitions.

    1) Use Windows tools to resize Windows partitions. And you will need to resize the Windows partition...
  24. Re: "contact system administrator"

    I think this is one of those cases where we discovery that computers are not so smart. The programs are following directions. When you moved that shortcut to the trash can you created a variable that...
  25. Re: missing applications (ALL) after upgrade to 20.04

    From my experience of upgrading 18.04 with Unity to 20.04 - I was asked if I wanted obsolete packages removed. I authorised that and most of Unity was removed. Unity was one of a few login options....
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