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  1. [SOLVED] Re: SNAP keeps trying to install AVAHI, Bluetooth - Don't have Bluetooth

    To my mind, Snap is an unwanted solution to a nonexistent problem. You can safely uninstall it. I always do.
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    Re: Wiping write protected USB

    Going back to the original problem statement - Wiping a read-only USB widget:
    It will will only show read-only after the file system was mounted and there are errors in the file system.
    To wipe it,...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: How to have two matching ubuntu installations with the same set of installed pack

    This is very easy to do with rpm based distros:

    Debian and Ubuntu has a cripple kickstart method called preseed:...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Is it possible to backup Mac APFS personal data to Ubuntu server ext4 HDD ?

    Hmm, I am one of the folks who use SSH for everything. So I backup my Macs over SSH with rsync and that works OK for me.
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    Re: How do I run Ubuntu from a flash drive?

    Note that flash devices come with different speed ratings. A 10x device will definitely result in a much faster system than an old and tired widget from your junk box…
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    Re: How do I run Ubuntu from a flash drive?

    Just install Ubuntu the usual way and select the flash device as the target drive. There is no need for the ‘persistance’ complication. I’ve run machines that way for years.
  7. Re: Moving from procmail to FDM -- mail arrival statistics and parser question for FD

    I would rather write a filter for smtpd. Using procmail or fdm is a bit kludgy to me.

    I have used procmail in the past - at the time I also edited a sendmail configuration file by hand - so I...
  8. Re: Moving from procmail to FDM -- mail arrival statistics and parser question for FD

    You will probably do better by installing Postfix. It doesn't use much resources when it is doing virtually nothing.
  9. Re: Moving from procmail to FDM -- mail arrival statistics and parser question for FD

    Geez... 'many years' - about a hundred? Next you are going to ask a question about using Mutt... :)

    I had a quick look, but can't figure out how to get stats with FDM either. Mailstat scans the...
  10. [ubuntu] Re: Voice Command SW To Control Desktop/Folders?

    If you really have a serious accessability problem, then you should switch to Apple.
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Front ends for seniors that have no experience using a computer

    Hmm, considering that it was us seniors who invented the computers to begin with…

    In my experience, the biggest annoyance is small unreadable fonts on fuzzy low resolution displays. If you get a...
  12. Re: is there any workaround for Adobe Flash missing?

    Hmm, go to a junk shop and get a better 2nd hand DVR?
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    Re: vnc recommendations

    Use SSH instead. It is a Swiss Army Knife and can do much more than VNC - securely. Both Linux and Windows 10 support SSH.
  14. [ubuntu] Re: Accessing WIndows 10 Remote Desktop from Ubuntu 18

    You need to configure her internet router to forward the RDP port 3389 from the internet side to the LAN IP address of her PC. That can work, but you should disable it as soon as you are done to...
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    [ubuntu] Re: network card settings

    It doesn’t work quite like that.

    The network chip automatically negotiates the fastest speed that can be used between the two devices (computer and router).

    If your new card connects at a low...
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    [ubuntu] Re: ransomeware attack

    Ransomeware is mostly a Windows problem. You are already using Linux, so make a backup of your data once in a while on a USB widget, chuck it in a drawer where no hacker can find it, then relax and...
  17. [xubuntu] Re: How to enable library in ffmpeg without build ffmpeg from source?

    I think you are out of luck and need to compile it. That is time consuming but not impossible:
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    Re: Why does rsync slow down?

    You can use ionice on every rsync instance. You can also run rsync, watch it slow down, then run ionice and see whether it speeds up.

    There were bugs in old USB drivers (about a decade ago) that...
  19. Re: minimize buttons gone, Sonia my desktop

    Your window manager crashed? When that happens everything becomes frameless on the desktop.
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    Re: Why does rsync slow down?

    I wonder whether the command ionice will make a difference.

    Something like
    # ionice-c 2 -n 0 rsync yadda yadda
    $ sudo ionice -p PID

    I have seen in the past that ionice can clear up io...
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    Re: Why does rsync slow down?

    Buffers. In the beginning, it buffers to RAM, but eventually all buffers are full and what you see then is the real speed of the transfer.
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    [SOLVED] Re: I've managed to lock up the terminal

    Open another terminal, find the name of the beast and hang it up:
    $ top
    # sudo kill -SIGHUP PID

    It doesn’t matter if you kill the ‘wrong’ thing. You can always reboot.
  23. Re: how to mount 2 partitions to 1 directory

    Note that you can make an array of disks a.k.a. JBOD using LVM or mergerfs. That way it would be possible to effectively mount multiple disks on one mount point. Some googling will get you going.
  24. [SOLVED] Re: How to run a script at logout? (for cleaning no-longer-used mountpoint dirs)

    Note that someone could simply ‘pull the plug’ without logging out. So a cleanup script also has to run at login. It is usually easiest to forget about the logout case and only run it at...
  25. [ubuntu] Re: Can't link to files in /usr/bin, but can copy

    A hardlink is just another name for the same file. It cannot work across different partitions/file systems. Technically, it could work on multiple disks if the disks form an array, with one file...
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