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    [ubuntu] Re: evince problem in 10.04

    Thanks for the suggestion about installing adobe software, but this thread is about fixing an issue with evince.

    This issue is especially disheartening because evince seems to work okay from the...
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    [ubuntu] evince problem in 10.04

    evince fails to open pdfs or dvis or other files.

    apexofservice@mycomputer$ evince file.pdf &
    [1] 2052

    (evince:2052): EvinceDocument-WARNING **: failed to map segment from...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Audio Sync Issues

    Someone asked to explain what this fix did. Broadly, something in veetle is going to call the code found in ~/.veetle_vlc/vlc. That file is a binary. What this fix does is put a shell script where...
  4. Re: HOWTO: Toshiba Laptop (with Phoenix BIOS) and built-in Bluetooth support

    My experience is similar to hell_rider.

    I've got a Tosh Sat M115, I got the source from the svn trunk. All compiled (one warning about C style, but nothing broke), installation also went ok...
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Can't compile omnibook after kernel upgrade

    agree, I was attempting and failing with 2006 and 2007 versions until I saw this thread.

    my only problem now: I've never used rpms before. I followed the syntax in the post above to

  6. Re: Running Eclipse - Program arguments field grayed out

    This got me too.

    Resize the window.
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    [ubuntu] Re: panel appears in middle of screen


    Same issue for me.
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    [ubuntu] Re: open office 3.1 crahses at startup

    worked for me too!

    the only ambiguity is that for me the thing to remove was a directory.

    i had to remove:

  9. [ubuntu] how to set custom temp ranges with acpi or other method


    My laptop (tosh satellite) fan comes on atabout 50 or 51C and goes off at 43.

    I'd like for it to come on at 45C stay on until more like 35C--at least as long as I'm on AC power.

  10. [ubuntu] Re: cannot acquire IP address from linksys router

    Thanks Bill. I'll try the new network manager. I've found it to be a really confounding problem because it only occurs at home with this linksys router--other wireless nets are no problem (at the...
  11. [ubuntu] cannot acquire IP address from linksys router

    Hello Forum,
    I've got a Linksys BEFW11S4 Wireless-B router. I've just upgraded to the latest firmware.
    If I plug my laptop into the router with an ethernet cable--connectivity is fine. I get an...
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