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  1. [ubuntu] Help please - Apache webserver and motion ..... how to!

    I am new to ubuntu, motion and apache .... all in all a perfect start!

    I have ubuntu 9 which is working fine. Apache 2.2 which again is in default format and works fine (can connect to localhost...
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    [ubuntu] Unable to see windows files from ubuntu


    Working on a second machine now and it is not behaving in the same way as the first one I installed.

    All appears to have worked perfectly but I cannot see the old Windows files (and all my...
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Wireless network detected but cannot connect

    OK ... just installed ubuntu (same media) on another machine and it connects just fine wirelessly using default drivers. Clearly something is wrong at a network level on that machine. maybe I will...
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    Re: Howto: Change the hostname of a system SAFELY

    perfect instructions - thanks!
  5. [ubuntu] Re: Wireless network detected but cannot connect

    thanks for the help so far

    I have tried both of my broadband routers without WEP and it makes no difference. Each time I make sure I have removed the router from the device list on ubuntu and let...
  6. [ubuntu] Re: Wireless network detected but cannot connect

    anyone able to help?

    If I attach the ethernet on eth0 it works perfectly (posting from the machine now so I know there is nothing wrong with the box or network itself!)

    for some reason it is...
  7. [ubuntu] Wireless network detected but cannot connect

    I know I am new here, but this is a such a stupid question.

    I have just insstalled Ubuntu and love it so far ........

    I have a couple of wireless networks at home and my USB wireless adapter...
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