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  1. [other] Re: Successful install: Macbook Pro 4,1(early 2008) with Lubuntu 18.04

    I'm more impressed that you still have a working laptop from 2008 laying around. That's 11 years! But yeah really goes to show how far ubuntu has come, pretty awesome.
  2. Re: can someone explain this regular expression?

    I use this tool quite often when dealing with regex. It helps you visualise the result, and if you paste your regex in at the bottom you have a step by step explanation/breakdown:
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    Re: malware chrome

    I switched to brave (it's built on chrome and feels very much the same) a while ago and it's pretty nice. They block ads and trackers out of the box. Using it on my phone too now (android) and I feel...
  4. Re: What antivirus for Linux protects against ransomware and infected web sites?

    What about brave browser? Don't they claim to do that stuff out of the box?
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    Re: Tug of war - Community vs Mods - to 200 (or -200)

  6. Re: How to develop Ubuntu apps for beginners?

    Depending on what you are trying to build I believe that you could also use electron to make use of your html/css knowledge. It does mean using javascript/typescript however. Also performance will...
  7. Re: Synchrorep - A one click folders synchronization

    I've never developed anything on ubuntu, so out of interest: what made you decide to use C++? Familiarity with the language? Good GUI support? Sorry if it's a silly question, I code web stuff mainly.
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    [ubuntu] Re: Pc not booting while HDMI connected

    Do you get stuck on this image or is it completely blank?
  9. Re: Do you have the liberty to listen to music or watch movies with hifi audio ?

    I used to have extremely noisy neighbours a few years ago so I'm very aware of how annoying it can be. So yeah I'm self conscious about it now and tend to keep it down.
  10. Re: How many use a wireless mouse and keyboard?

    I always use wired at home because I couldnt be bothered with batteries/charging the bloody things. My wired stuff just always works.
  11. Re: What are your Likes and/or Dislikes with Ubuntu Forums

    The forums are great, but it was confusing to register initially. I was looking for a sign up button but there is none, you need to create your SSO account somewhere else first.
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    Re: i hate it when a web site requires ...

    What would be the alternative?
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    Re: 12 hour times or 24 hour times?

    From personal experience the PM and AM thing is english. In Switzerland we use 12h when spoken (so 2 oclock for the afternoon) but use 24h when writing to remove the ambiguity.
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    Re: Do you watch tv?

    Only if there is a show both my wife and myself like, then it's kind of social time together really where we comment about stuff etc. That's about it, everything else is on our respective computers!
  15. Re: at what age should you buy ... for your kids or grandkids?

    Depends what they will be using it for. Some kids just want to watch youtube, some want to play games.
  16. Thread: Brave Browser

    by ryansenn

    Re: Brave Browser

    I use it on my Android phone (Oppo). I like it, it feels faster than chrome. It also has that whole crypto thing with the BAT token (ethereum token) but honestly I couldn't care less about it, I just...
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    Re: How do you name your computers?

    My employer back in the days named them after scotch whisky (Glenfiddich, Aberlour etc) although I only came to that realisation later in life.
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