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    Re: Partition HD for Ubuntu

    i used only one partition + swap (so just / and /swap)
    however the more i read the more i check thing it looks like the separate /home has more benefits that concern me than negatives.
    so on my...
  2. Re: What is amdgpu and amdgpu-PRO drivers? and where to download?

    In linux opensource drivers are (usually) built into kernel. AMDGPU:

    proprietary drivers are the only ones that need additional install.
  3. [ubuntu] Re: Isolation related computer problems - LOL

    i installed GTX 1650 on my kids PC. never had this issue. my kids CPU is Ryzen 7 2nd gen. did you install proprietary GPU drivers?

    check the additional drivers application. how to:...
  4. [ubuntu] Re: Window tiling manager for 18.4 - newbie on Linux with xps dev edition

    it is best to try these out in VM first before installing into live session.

    also i recommend to try i3 , but use whatever you like. Awesome is also a good one.
  5. Thread: Problem

    by mastablasta

    Re: Problem

    something is wrong in line 58 of file /etc/apt/sources.list

    or the URL is dead (inactive).
  6. Re: I now have Ubuntu 20.04 running on 5 machines

    good to hear that. i use GT 730 and i use it to play games on a really old PC. it can play a lot of games, at least at low settings.
  7. Re: I now have Ubuntu 20.04 running on 5 machines

    if it works, why mess with it? also i am curious when nvidia will suddenly drop their support for my card. it should be sometime in 2022 officially, but i am not sure what this actually means since...
  8. [SOLVED] Re: Which of these eSport games works on Ubuntu?

    MS still plans and works towards package distribution (store, packages...) and they could still limit users.
  9. Re: Virtual Surround Sound ....Possible under Linux ?

    6 steps (2 for installing&2 for testing) is too complicated?
  10. [kubuntu] Re: Install 32 bits program in winetrick?

    for dos games i found DBGL to be helpful:
    if oyu are into old games, many old games have opensource ports that install in linux and let you run games...
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    [ubuntu] Re: AMD Graphics Drivers

    palm probably means something else.

    various system info applications will dispaly thigns differently. for example you can also try inxi (in command line):...
  12. [SOLVED] Re: Driver for Nvidia GL 710 (3D rendering)

    isn't the 710 series in legacy driver?
  13. Re: What is your fav DE (desktop environment) or WM (window managers)

    "these aren't the functions you are looking for" [Obi Wan Gnome]
  14. Re: Virtual Surround Sound ....Possible under Linux ?

    possible. for example:

    or for example in Ubuntu:...
  15. [SOLVED] Re: Which of these eSport games works on Ubuntu?

    heh. doom eternal was now reported will have anticheat disabled when on linux. just how they will do this is unkown. as well as if they will disable it only for single player (likely).

    i mean they...
  16. Re: native shared library crashes if C++ exceptions are used on Ubuntu Wine build

    if this issues is only present on Ubuntu repo build, it is clearly ubuntu packaging issue of sorts. i would report it on launchpad.
  17. [SOLVED] Re: Which of these eSport games works on Ubuntu?

    you would need to ask those that make anticheat. but i don't think they care about a few thousand users trying to get their game going on linux. it's much more worthwhile for them to invest into...
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    Re: Crusader Kings 3 coming this year!

    yes, campaigns can be quite difficult and long. started EUIII 4 or 5 times and mostly lost or found it a hopeless situation. but each time result was a bit better. then i went with Spain, changed...
  19. Re: Searching for specific rename utility

    i am not sure what this utility is. however, midnight commander is one powerful tool that has various other functions. rename is shift+F5 or F6 but i am sure you can also find it in the menues.
  20. Re: Two Linux (Linux-learner) Backup-computer partitioning...

    a windows person is used to having a DE shoved down their throat. pick one, install that.

    we moved to KDE (Kubuntu). kids find no issues in switch, father had no issues (we moved him in version...
  21. Re: What is your fav DE (desktop environment) or WM (window managers)

    well the ones with largest usage are KDE and Gnome and they are not going anywhere. Similarly there are relatively large teams working on LXQT and XFCE. There were even some discussions to merge KDE...
  22. Re: Java Minecraft on Ubuntu Linux Crashes whole computer

    well if this is still an issue you need to install Oracle Java manually. the easiest way is to use a script. the procedure is:
    1. you download the script and install it - or better yet add the PPA...
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    Re: Wubi Wubi Wubi...

    VM - also there are VM images (e.g. Bitnami stack, turnkey linux...), so no install is actually needed to try out the OS or applications.

    experience in wm is limited but so was in wubi. it would...
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    Re: Crusader Kings 3 coming this year!

    i have a (small) bunch of games that i added to my library but not installed. simply no time. Added Shogun Total War, X-Com (the new one, first part), EU4. Sure i will add it. Maybe i will have time...
  25. Re: Suggestions for a new Laptop which can run new games

    amd Ryzen chips offer descent gaming perfomance and work well without the need to mess arround with Optimus (nvidia& intel) combo.

    laptop should be thicker with more space for ventilation. also...
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