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  1. [other] Re: Atheros wireless card for Dell studio notebook

    Well I guess there isnt any way to do this?
  2. [other] Atheros wireless card for Dell studio notebook

    I have a Dell Studio xps notebook with a broadcom wireless card and driver. However, I am wanting to work with Backtrack 4, but the Broadcom driver/card does not allow packet sniffing and monitoring....
  3. [ubuntu] Learning Security Penetration Testing with Broadcom Driver

    I am somewhat new to Ubuntu and Linux. I have used Linux before but only for a few trivial tasks that I was taught how to do for my work a few years ago. However, I am trying to learn penetration...
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    Django symbolic link not working

    I am trying to set up django in Ubuntu 10.04 and i am trying to creat symbolic links to the /usr/local/bin folder so i dont have to type in the whole path and can just type "" etc. My...
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