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  1. [ubuntu] web browsing does strange things slash doesnt always work

    Hello, I recently upgraded to ubuntu 10.04 (fresh install via CD) and I have since found in both my browsers (firefox and chromium) that I get strange behaviours.

    A fair amount of the time I get...
  2. [kubuntu] Re: amarok and rhythmbox corrupts preferences after every quit

    forgot to mention that the music collection is on an NTFS drive, not sure if this would cause any problems now that ntfs-3g support is stable

    Edit: I tested it and it only happens on reboot, I...
  3. [kubuntu] amarok and rhythmbox corrupts preferences after every quit

    I switchted my windows friend over to kubuntu and I installed the kubuntu-restricted-extras as well as the ubuntu-restricted-extras and at first amarok was flawless. Now, every time I quit amarok and...
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    [ubuntu] Re: Lenovo s10e install and fixes.

    Thanks!!! I had to give up on moblin because there were no forum posts like this to make everything just work so easily!! Saved hours and hours of time spent on google.
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    [all variants] Making use of 2GB of SSD in some way?

    I'm installing the ubuntu NBR to an SD card. My laptop is the eeepc 2g surf model so it only has a 2gb SSD inside which is not big enough for a full ubuntu install of any version except XUbuntu. I'm...
  6. [ubuntu] Urgent: Data recovery from an ext3 partition newly formatted as ext4

    Okay guys I just selected my /home drive from the ubuntu installer and chose to use it as an ext4 drive instead of the ext3 that it's formatted to, so of course it automatically checks the box to...
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    [all variants] pstn over modem phone software?

    I can't seem to find any info on what I want, I was wondering if there is any software that exists that would allow me to connect my pstn phone line into my pci 56k modem and then be able to answer...
  8. [ubuntu] Ubuntu 9.10 nvidia 96 karmic extremely low resolutions

    I was previously running the beta of karmic, on the beta I had this issue once after manually installing the nvidia 96 driver, my solution was to reinstall the beta and enable the driver using the...
  9. [ubuntu] Re: Can't install ffmpeg with restricted codecs on Hardy

    still no luck
  10. [all variants] Apache won't list symlinks or give access to them

    I have used apache2 on every version of ubuntu, it has been great I always do 'ln -s /home/dustin/Httpd /var/www/Shared' and then I'm good to go to share my Httpd folder,

    recently I reinstalled...
  11. [ubuntu] Re: Can't install ffmpeg with restricted codecs on Hardy

    thanks, but it still doesn't work I get unknown codec 'aac' when I try to encode anything
  12. [ubuntu] Can't install ffmpeg with restricted codecs on Hardy

    I have tried several times, following tutorials that have worked for me back when I used feisty and precompiled packages, I don't get any errors or anything, but when I try encoding aac videos it...
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    Re: Genuine Windows is Ubuntu

    hmm I tried this recently without any luck, WGA refused to validate me, but then I just copied some files over from my windows pc and from a recent WGA CRACK and I got it to pass. I remember back...
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    Re: 32-Bit Chroot How-To

    I solved this problem quite simply by reinstalling my whole chroot system, I guess this solution wont work for you if you have spent time configuring it or whatever, but if your chroot'd environment...
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