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  1. Re: I'm taking a vacation from the forums

    matthew, would you mind not coming back? Thanks.
  2. Re: Ubuntu featured in Mighty Avengers #4

    1. They're such n00bs. Self-respecting people use a strictly command line based distro.

    2. I am pretty sure GRUB lists Nexta, not Ubuntu.
  3. Re: How's got the most beautiful wallpaper (*ubuntu or mobile phone)

    I thought you were running Ubuntu Mobile Edition.
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    Re: Could a monkey do your job?

    Good one...I didn't think of!
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    Could a monkey do your job?

    There's another thread on what type of jobs people have, but this question is directly related to jobs that could be performed by any person off the street, even those with little intelligence. ...
  6. Re: Gonna get a summer job to get a new laptop.

    How are you going to make 2K in 5 weeks, unless you're slinging rock?
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    Re: local retail store: banned for life?

    You must not have heard of the Internet. You should have written down the model number so you could Google it later on for even better deals. Store prices can't be compared to Internet prices. ...
  8. Re: 8 days left to save the Internet!

    Somehow I get the feeling this is all hype. I'd like to know what arguments the other side has to offer.
  9. Re: EnGarde Secure Community Released!

    Is this something like L.E.G.U.S. (it has a new name now)?
  10. Re: ClamAV Hell or Graduating from Synaptic to Add/Remove

    I am of the opinion that Synaptic needs to be removed entirely. It is far too user-unfriendly to come standard with Ubuntu. Installing stuff is very easy, and straight forward, but it can use...
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    Re: What the??

    I just saw the dancing girl too. Totally cool.
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    Re: world's fastest broadband...

    Can you please go into the technical aspects of why a normal harddrive could not handle those speeds? I realize there's some sort of a limitation, but then again, I've never had 40GB/s. If I can...
  13. Re: Veoh peercasting network needs volunteer help with GUI for Linux client

    I'd like to see this happening, but I guarantee you that the Linux client's GUI won't even compare to its counterparts in design. The sleek dark look of online player looks superb, but I am certain...
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    Re: new ipod manager

    That is very unfortunate, and I hope you'll change your mind one day.
  15. Re: Adobe Spellcheck "Linux not found, use windows"!


    I haven't read the blog, but I am thinking it's fake. I could be wrong.
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    Re: July 15, 2007 the Day the Music Dies

    Right...they day THEIR music dies, not music as a whole.
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    Re: July 15, 2007 the Day the Music Dies

    Since I never listen to Internet radio, can you please tell me how I became familiar with the musicians I like today? If Internet radio features artists who aren't heard anywhere else, and if...
  18. Re: FCC says free/open source software wireless drivers are OK

    Absolutely great news, but I fear manufacturers will either find a new excuse or deny this story.
  19. Re: Is there something like F-Spot for videos (managing videos based on tagging them)

    Any ideas?
  20. Is there something like F-Spot for videos (managing videos based on tagging them)?

    My hard drive is acquiring more and more videos, and the current state of file managers is simply not doing the job. I can't keep track of all the videos I have, and I find myself downloading...
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    Re: Bill Gates is now #2 richest man

    If that doesn't work out, Bill may have to sign up for Medicaid.
  22. Re: Everaldo's latest KDE Icon them is out!

    Same dilemma.
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    Re: 'drive_c' in Places menu

    You must have bookmarked that directory. Open your home folder, select Bookmarks (check the top), and Edit Bookmarks. Remove it from bookmarks.

    Please use General Help for questions like this...
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    Re: The Nouveau Nvidia Drivers

    Not even remotely possible. It will probably be about a year or so before drastic changes are seen.
  25. Re: i hate to start with a serious question about gpl3 but...

    Dude, don't worry about. Just hand out your CDs. The GLPv3, I am sure, does not have any intentions of stopping people like you. I am sure it has a problem with malicious people, but not with...
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